Thursday, February 3, 2011

Evidence has it that President Obama would like to see Israel Destroyed

Allow me, if I may, to elaborate.

It has become almost a proverb to us Americans that a Democratic form of government is a good thing.  We call our form of government a Democracy, although it was designed, in actuality, to be a Representative Republic.  According to our Constitution, the majority is supposed to get its way… within limits.  The Bill of Rights were inserted into our Constitution in order to protect the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority.  If a minority rules, it ceases to be a democracy.  If a minority is oppressed, it can still be a democracy by definition.  A case in point: the “Palestinian” Territories in Gaza.  The people of Gaza democratically voted Hamas into power.  The "Political Party" Hamas won the election fair and square.  However, Hamas proceeded to wage, not political war, but actual war on the party that opposed them… Fatah.  The result was an unrestrained blood bath.  Actually, it was more like a mass execution.

This recent historical fact lends credence to what I am about to say next.  DEMOCRACY GIVES TO THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN A COUNTRY WHAT THEY WANT.  Therefore, if the majority of the population of a democratic country desires something that is evil, the country will embark on evil ventures.  If the population of a democratic country desires good, the country will embark on what is good.  Hence, it is not the form of government that determines the goodness or evilness of a nation but what is in the heart of the people in the case of a democracy, or the ability of a government to restrain the will of an evil people in a dictatorship.  Hence, in spite of much of the historic reputations dictatorships have, they sometimes CAN be good in the sense that they may actually be a necessary means of restraining evil.

Mr. Obama is either ignorant of this fact or there’s something about a democracy in Egypt which would promote his agenda.

Mr. Obama can’t be stupid.  He’s President of the United States!  So what is on his agenda?  And why has the United States historically propped up dictatorships in the Middle East (and this, as far as I know, can't be denied and provides a vast number of people the fodder to hate us)?  The answer is based on the answer to the question... WHAT IS THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES?  Islam, the religion, has a political component to it from which it cannot be separated.  According to Islam, there are two geographical areas… the territory of submission and the territory of war.  The territory of submission are those geographical locations where the majority of the population are Muslim and subject to Sharia law.  The territory of war is those geographical locations where the majority of their populations are yet to be “converted” to Islam.  "Non-believers" in Muslim dominated countries do not have a bill of rights.  Without redress, they are subjected to the repressive demands of Islam.

In light of this, I rhetorically ask the following question… WHAT GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF THE WORLD IS MOST PREDOMINANTLY ISLAM?  Answer… the Middle East.  However, the Middle East is not purely Islam.  Smack dab in the middle of this vast geographical locale is a little sliver of land called Israel.  Israel is most notably not Muslim!  In light of Muslim theology, therefore, Israel must be destroyed so that the entire territory can finally be dominated under the thumb of Islam.

That brings us to ask the question… what is the religion of the majority of the people of Egypt?  If you guessed Muslim, you’re right.   In light of that, I ask another fairly self-explanatory question… therefore, what is the will of the majority of the people of Egypt (aside from having food on the table, and other of life's wants and necessities common to all of us)?  If you guessed “to destroy Israel ”, you’re right again.  Boy, I’m so proud of you.  You’re two for two!  Let me, if I may, ask a third question…what will bringing a democracy to Egypt accomplish?  If you guessed “bringing in a government bent on the destruction of Israel to power” you’re right again!

Now, is destroying Israel good or bad?  There are web-sites all over the place that are pro or con about this.  I have a strong opinion. Maybe at a later time I’ll express and defend my opinion.  But my arguments are not likely to change the minds of those who are predisposed one way or another. Nevertheless, let me try to delineate the various camps that people with opinions fall under.  If you are a religious Muslim who believes in the spreading of Sharia law, I think it's safe to say that you would favor the destruction of Israel ('though depending upon your audience you may deny it).  If you suffer from a disease called “moral relativism” you probably think that perhaps Islam is, in fact a valid religion but, at the same time, you’re too cowardly to challenge Islam on the issue of spreading Sharia law.  You might find that objectionable 'though you may not know why.  If you just kinda wanna be left alone to “do your own thing”, I believe it was Adolf Hitler who said “It is to the advantage of rulers that people don’t think”.  To you, yeah you… the one with your head in the sand.  Sharia law is coming to the neighborhood nearest you.  

Of course, if you believe the Bible and read and study it, you’ll not be fooled.  Nor will you be surprised by what has happened or what is about to happen.

As for President Obama…the desire for Democracy sure sounds like a politically correct thing to desire.  According to my argument though, Democracy in Egypt will foment the march of Islam.  Therefore Mr. Obama is either stupid or he wants Islam to spread.  Maybe there’s another option.  Maybe he wants the spread of Islam to facilitate yet a different, more clandestine goal.  But I really am pretty sure that he’s not stupid.  After all, he is the President of the United States.