Thursday, August 4, 2016

Palestinian Museum - Like the prophets of Baal.

I make mention of this on my blog because I want to draw your attention to a reality that is really quite comical.  

As I write this, three months have passed since the opening of the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit of the West Bank.  The museum was and is intended (according to this link) to "celebrate and redefine Palestinian History, Art and Culture"

The only problem was that this $24,000,000 structure opened with no exhibits!  Allow me, if you will, to repeat myself.  THE PALESTINIAN MUSEUM HAS NO EXHIBITS!

In contrast, Israel boasts of having the most museums per capita of anywhere in the world!  And it's exhibits range from contemporary art to myriad ancient artifacts which confirm the testimony of the Bible itself which declares that Jews lived thousands of years ago on this piece of real estate called Israel and claimed it as their home back then.

The Bible talks about the Prophet Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of the false god Baal.  In summary, Elijah had challenged the Prophets of Baal to display the veracity of their claim that Baal was an authentic god.  When they couldn't, Elijah mocked them.

I can't help but say that I feel a bit like Elijah.  The Palestinians claim that they were in the land of Israel thousands of years ago, and so much as deny that the Jews were their.

I say to the Palestinians "prove it".  I'm eager to see how quickly you fill up your displays with your historical artifacts so as to prove your point.

In the meantime, keep building your attack tunnels and using your propaganda machine to garner sympathy from uninformed lemmings for the purpose of perpetuating a lie by which you can make up an excuse for killing Jews.  

If the consequences of what you're doing to yourselves let alone the Jews, based upon your lies weren't so tragic, they would be laughable. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Obama and Liberals

Of late I've had an understanding of a particular phenomena that's happening in the world these days, and supports for this understanding have converged from three sources... Biblical, A book I'm presently reading, and political rhetoric.
A friend challenged me that I was too hard on Obama. I don't listen to political speeches and I paid no attention to the political conventions as they occurred. Everyone tries to put on their best image and for the most part I regard what they have to say as "bovine feces". Nevertheless, I think I've "got my ear pretty close to the ground". For the sake of objectivity, though, I decided to listen to Obama's address to the Muslim world in Egypt back in '09. I started to listen to it a second time, taking notes so as to address certain points he'd made, thinking that I would write a critique. The task was somewhat laborious as I made it about half way through the speech the second time, and taking a bit of a break I ran across an interview which I'd posted on FB and I felt that the guy being interviewed had tremendous insight and had already covered the ground I'd observed in Obama's speech and so I've bought his book and have begun reading it.
There are certain axioms that I go by in life. One is fairly colloquial: "If you're not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. If you're not conservative by the time you're 30, you have no brains". Another axiom was one which I'd come up with on my own after 9/11. "A chief key to 'fighting the war on terror' is to deny any credibility to Islam as a valid world view". Needless to say, Mr. Obama has been doing the exact opposite, much to my chagrin".
Having now, listened to Mr. Obama's speech in Egypt, if I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, and not go by the assumption that he's trying to be deceptive, I would categorize him as a man who thinks he is a Christian but is most certainly not because a genuine "Christian" at least according to my definition, would know that there is only one way to the Father and that is through Y'shua. Most conservatives would call Obama an "ideologue". That carries a negative connotation, so, again, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I'd call him an idealist. He longs for world peace and hopes that he can be instrumental in bringing that about.
Mr. Obama, however, if he is well intentioned, is naive, which I suppose is to be expected from a so-called "Christian" who does not know Christ. Rather than putting his trust in God, he believes that man is fundamentally good and that we can overcome our differences. He also (in his words) longs for the day when Jew, Muslim and Christian can each share Jerusalem in peace and harmony (my words). I have always held and will always hold that (I suppose another axiom), barring the return of Jesus, the only way that peace can be obtained in this world, is through DISPASSIONATE debate (or more appropriately discussion) over the nature of God, so that a rational consensus can be reached. I say this because I recall the refrains of the Oleynu in the synagogue, taken from Zechariah 14 "In that day (the day when the world is at peace), the LORD shall be one and His Name shall be one". Put another way, the world will be at peace when there is a universal consensus concerning God's identity, nature and His expectations. I concede, that that is not likely to happen prior to the LORD's return simply because such endeavors would be hobbled by the human tendency to suffer from cognitive dissonance. Hence, I relegate the possibility of this consensus occurring until after it is ultimately caused by Messiah's self-revelation in Zech. 12:10.
At least, from his speech, and again, giving him the benefit of the doubt, Obama assumes that all religions teach the same things... love of fellow man and a whole bunch of other really good stuff. If that's the case, than at best, Mr. Obama lives in a world of fantasy. But his appeal is to those who believe that we humans can create a Utopian world. His faith is in man. In essence, his followers want to get back to the Garden of Eden but without the help of God.
According to the book that I'm reading, "The Kindergarden of Eden" by Evan Sayet, liberals, such as those who would follow Obama, have shunned thought that would result in discernment. Passing judgments upon what the rational person would determine to be good or bad is, in fact, discriminating and, hence, evil in their minds. The conservative would call such liberals who can't distinguish between virtue and vice "idiots". On the other hand, the liberal will accuse the discerning conservative as "racist, homophobe, biggoted, etc." because, now, in their mind, the idea of right and wrong has been nullified (for the exception of the presumption that discernment is evil). The goal is "the return to the garden of Eden where everything was spelled out for Adam and Eve and they didn't have to think.
I've, again, been reading through Genesis. One particular text that's hit me in the face is that In chapter 3, after Adam and Eve are expelled from the garden, God placed a Charuv at the entrance to the garden with a flaming sword turning every which way to guard any possible reentry into the garden.
Allow that, if you will, to sink in. There is an intelligent, impregnable creature that dwells in a different dimension than the one with which we are familiar, that stands guard with a flaming sword which turns in a manner which is really beyond description, standing guard over the Garden of Eden so that no one can get back in!
But hey, no problem... These liberals don't believe in God and don't believe the Bible so it makes no difference. In spite of Mr. Obama's apparent altruism, his foreign policy has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Christians Yazids and others in the Middle East and elsewhere and it is likely to result in tens if not hundreds of thousands more. This adds credibility to yet another axiom. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."