Monday, July 25, 2016


About a month ago I got into a conversation with the Pastor of a Church which is part of a liberal denomination.  I relayed to him my account of what made me aware of the perils of Islam1 and that I’d concluded that anyone who takes Islam seriously is fundamentally cruel.  He begged to differ with me.  He held up as his argument that he knows a lot of very nice Muslims.

I agree with him.  There are many nice Muslims.  However, I’m alarmed by his standard for evaluating Islam. 

There is, at the present time, a campaign to make the Muslim religion attractive and acceptable to the Western mind.  I saw a video in which smiling Muslims, from school girls, to medical doctors, to “out of the closet” homosexuals, claiming to be Muslims were happily declaring “we’re just like you”.  I do not know what their motivation is but I do know for a fact that if the “gay Muslim” were in Saudi Arabia, he’d be held by his ankles and dropped from a 20 story building.  The school girl certainly wouldn’t be able to drive a car and had better not be found without a hajib {head covering).  Only an environment where the Muslim population is comparatively miniscule to the rest of the population would allow people to make such a video with such claims.  When Muslim populations grow, they become Sharia (Islamic law) compliant and such people as were shown in that video would not exist.  As an attestation to this, when Achmadinajad, the former President of Iran spoke at Columbia University, he was asked about homosexuals in Iran.  He replied “We have no homosexuals in Iran”.2

Ro Waseem, who writes for the Huffington Post as well as other publications, describes himself as a “Liberal Muslim”.  Having read one article of his3, he presents a case defending Islam’s reputation, in this case, allegedly misunderstood as a religion of Jew Hatred. 

President Obama has also acted as a defense attorney on behalf of Islam.  He argues emphatically that ISIS, Al Qaida and the other terrorist organizations which seem to be running rampant throughout the globe are not really Islam.  Islam, the theologian in the White House argues, is a “religion of peace”.
Why is it, however, that Ro Waseem’s interpretations of Quranic and Hadith texts are contradicted by others who choose either different texts or different interpretations that seem to encourage violence?  If he’s a genuine Muslim and the “terrorists” are phonies then by that logic, the founder of Islam, Muhammad, was not a Muslim because MUHMMAD WAS A TERRORIST.  To quote Ali Sina...

“Muhammad did things that by today’s standard would be seen as acts of terrorism. He raided towns without any previous warning, killed unarmed men who had gone to the fields and markets after their daily business, captured their wives and children and distributed the younger women among his soldiers while always keeping the prettiest ones for himself and having sex with them in the same day he murdered their fathers, husbands and loved ones.4
These claims of Ali Sina’s are actually common knowledge.  He even points out that they are known in Islamic countries, however anyone who speaks out about them is afraid of losing his life.5  Hence, I hold emphatically that Islam survives essentially through violence and the defense of lies and deception.

In light of that, I point out that my dear liberal pastor friend is being deceived as is the case with most, if not much of America.  This also was a practice of the founder of Islam.  I quote another website:

“Though not called Taqiyya by name, Muhammad clearly used deception when he signed a 10-year treaty with the Meccans that allowed him access to their city while he secretly prepared his own forces for a takeover. The unsuspecting residents were conquered in easy fashion after he broke the treaty two years later. Some of the people in the city who had trusted him at his word were executed.”6 
This was one of many actual historical events attributed specifically to Muhammad… not subsequent Caliphs, but the actual founder of Islam himself.  He deceived the Meccans into trusting him and then conquered them when their guard was down.  This is precisely what is being carried on by his followers 1400 years later in the Western hemisphere.  Sadly, the public education systems in the West have overlooked this aspect of history!

There’s an old axiom attributed to George Santayana that just about everyone knows but few people practice.  I tend to whimsically put a twist on it, rephrasing it by saying that…

“Those who know history are doomed to watch those who don’t know history repeat history.”
It is not propaganda or imagery that tells the truth.  LOOK TO HISTORY!!!  AND LOOK TO THE SOURCE OF THAT HISTORY.  My Pastor friend seems to have forgotten that axiom.

I’m not telling you to hate Muslims.  They are people, just like everyone else and they need Jesus who is the only means by which one’s sins can be forgiven.  But I am saying “don’t judge their religion by the image that they present nor condone it's claim to veracity as a genuine religion”.  Go to the source of that religion… Muhammad.  Compare him, if you will, to the founder of the real “religion” of peace… Jesus.

Muhammad raped.                       
             Jesus forgave an adulterous woman contingent upon her repentance.

Muhammad murdered people.                
             Jesus died for people.

Muhammad is dead                      
             Jesus conquered death and is alive to this day!
Personally I don’t like the term, “Religion”.  Generally it denotes rules and regulations and traditions that aren’t necessarily ordained by God.  But if I had to use that term, I would say that it is Jesus who is the true and only source of any “religion” of peace.

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