Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Quranic vs. Biblical Concept of Utopia

It seems to me that Muslims want to create Sharia law around the world, in which women go around in clothing designed to keep men from being tempted by them, and people must bow down prostrate at specific hours five times a day while facing Mecca, doing homage to Allah. It seems to be marked by universal peace via universal submission.
In order to obtain this "utopia", "non-believers" of the present age, need to be obliterated in order to have a "pure" Muslim society, and therefore the concept of Zionism needs to be obliterated as well.
However, the concept of Zionism, is also Utopian, but not man-made in nature. It's designated by universal peace as well but not through submission but through the love of God. As I recall, It will be marked by only one "religious" obligation... the mandated universal appearance of people in Jerusalem during Sukkoth (Zech 14). But this is to be regarded as a time of rejoicing (Lev. 23) not submission. Another feature of this "utopia" is that the things one does and the objects one possesses or uses will be marked as "holy". I take that as an intentional honoring to God through said objects (Zech 14). This "utopia" will also be marked by harmony between man and the various species in the animal kingdom with one another. In other words, the natural enemies of today will be at peace with one another (Isaiah 2, Micah 4). I dare universal implementation of Sharia or any ideology, for that matter, to accomplish that!
And it seems that in order for the former to succeed, it must attempt to destroy the latter who's vision for the future is infinitely superior and that's a gross understatement.
P.S. In that day our concerns about the next person to win the next political office will be relegated to the status of "irrelevance".