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Planned Parenthood and "Astroturfing"

When was the last time that the issue of “fetal tissue” hit the news really big? As I recall, George W. Bush was in office and he was taking a stand against fetal stem cell research. All the “big guns” were thrown against him attacking his character and his prudish attitude towards using only stem cells that had not been the product of conception. They say that he “wanted people to die”, “A lot of lives could be saved from the research conducted on embryonically derived stem cells”.

As I recall, one of the arguments from the political “right” was that, aside from the fact that embryonic stem cells were derived from “dead babies”, they had shown little promise in curing those ills at which they were directed. Furthermore, their insertion into damaged tissue had resulted in a high prevalence of cancer.

I think those findings were correct. I don't know for sure, but be that as it may, all hell broke loose in an effort to attack Bush so as to allow for the free usage of embryonic stem cells. The chief argument in favor of the pro-abortionist perspective was that “it would add to the arsenal of research and ultimately save lives”.

Whatever the case may be, the argument was heated... dare I say vitriolic! The pro-abortion lobby, it seemed, had made a contract with death. It was pounding on the doors of restraint and it was using as it's battering ram, lemmings made up of women who'd had abortions and/or knew what it was like to have unwanted pregnancies, liberals who felt that a “woman's right to choose” deserved priority as a concern (forget about the baby's right to live), and people who'd never seen the inside of an abortion clinic nor the inside of a womb with a baby bathed in amniotic fluid, screaming silently, desperately and in agony with its face contorted in pain as it's arm or leg is torn from the rest of its body in a matter-of-fact fashion by an enterprising abortionist.

And so we see in the news, finally, interviews of physicians and representatives of Planned Parenthood, talking about the harvesting and sale of human limbs and organs for profit as they, in a cavalier fashion, eat their vittles and swirl their chionti in their goblet before taking a gulp. One could call this behavior “disgusting”, but that truly is an inadequate adjective for describing it.

The olde adage, “Follow the money”.has truly proven itself! The lemming battering ram was spurred on by the one's who were truly to benefit from the abortion industry... the abortionists, Planned Parenthood, with it's mouth to the Federal Government's teat, medical researchers looking for Federal grants, you name it. And all the time you thought that the beneficiaries of abortion were the poor women who'd gotten themselves “knocked up” by irresponsible sex partners of the opposite gender. Oh, they're victims too, don't get me wrong, but why was it never told them that they had the alternative of giving up their baby for adoption, and why was it presumed that abstinence wouldn't work? Abstinence is still the only sure fire way of preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as STDs.

Enter David Axelrod... adviser to the illustrious Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Axelrod owns or at one time owned a company called ASK Public Strategies which is a firm that “discreetly plots strategy and advertising campaigns for corporate clients to tilt public opinion their way”.1 Those who are in the business of advertizing and creating public perception call this “astroturfing”. In essence, it's the art of creating an artificial grass roots movement... hence, “astroturfing”.

I dare say that Mr. Axelrod's genius has transcended merely the corporate world and entered skillfully into the realm of politics. Not only has astroturfing created a groundswell of abortion advocates who will defend Planned Parenthood in spite of its contract with death, but you'll see the fingerprint of astroturfing in the global warming debate which has conjured up it's own population of lemmings who actually feel that Climate Change (they don't know what to call it because in summer it seems like it's warming and in winter it seems like it's cooling) is a greater threat to the survival of the human race than the false religion known as Islam which is responsible for the rape, slavery and murder of Christians by the 10s of thousands. Yes-siree... there's money to be made through “Climate Change Warming Cooling”. Paltry as the donations may have been by Federal standards, nevertheless, numerous contributors to the Obama campaign effort got quite generous Federal start-up grants for what turned out to be failed “green” businesses.

Another beneficiary of the phenomenon of astroturfing are the fascists who, contrary to the spirit of the First Amendment, want to impose the state upon religion in the name of “freedom” and “human rights”. Mr. Axelrod and his ilk have created a swarm of gay sympathizing lemmings by declaring that gay marriage is a right. The issue has never been about gay marriage. It's always been about the imposition of fascism. And what could be the greatest example of fascism than forcing a business out of business because they won't bake a cake that advertizes a point of view contrary to their religious and moral convictions (case in point the bakery in Oregon which was fined $130,000 for not making a cake for a gay wedding).

Astroturfing is a way of creating a mob of mindless lemmings who enjoy unanimity in thought. They form a cocoon for themselves, isolating themselves from opposing views. They are intolerant of those who present opposing views and, all the while, unwittingly display their own intolerance. They are dangerous, because, ultimately, rather than allowing their way of thinking to be challenged, they would prefer to eradicate the source of the opposing view. History has shown us where that leads. Astroturfing has and is bringing about folly, waste and death... the kind of sterile death that is not seen, like chicken breasts on a grocery shelf, the death is innocent, far away, sterile, not perceived. It's called abortion. How innocent sounding!

Most Germans, during world World War II were oblivious to the Jews dying in the concentration camps. The gold in the teeth of the victims was removed to make jewelry. Their skin was used for making lamp shades. Their flesh was turned into bars of soap. And German citizens matter-of-factly consumed these articles as if nothing was going on.

Josef Mengeleh was a physician who carried out sadistic “experiments” on victims of the concentration camps of Germany. He gleefully enjoyed torturing his victims. As the concentration camps were being liberated by American troops, Mengele fled to Argentina. He never did make it to North America but I can just envision him sharing that goblet of chianti with those doctors from Planned Parenthood. It seems that his spirit has come to North America.


In 1 Samuel 8, Israel rejected God as its King.  The reason being that they “wanted to be like all the other nations” (8:5).  They were in haEretz... the land.

Evidence has it that the Talmud, however, was written to make the Jewish people distinct from all the other nations.

The Oral Torah became the distinctive of Israel. "...said R. Avin, [God said] 'Had I written for you the bulk of my Torah, you would be considered like a foreigner.' [For] what [is the difference] between us and the Gentiles? They bring forth their books, and we bring forth  our books; they bring forth their national records, and we bring forth our national records.' [The only difference between Israel and the Gentile nations is that a portion of the Torah remains oral,and has a special claim upon the nation of Israel.]1

The Gentiles, by virtue of their access to the Taanach (Old Testament), now had access to all the Jewish writings.  To maintain the distinct identity of the Jewish     people, the Rabbis proposed that along with the written law, Moses transmitted the oral law on to Joshua who in turn, taught it to the Rabbis2. This was to be that   element that was to distinguish the Jewish people from all the other nations (goyim).  Only the Jews had access to this writing.

Now, instead of wanting to be “like the other nations” we wanted to be different than the other nations.  Oral rabbinic tradition from the time of the Babylonian exile already existed in the time of Y’shua.  Y’shua even gave prolific mention of it.  But there is little evidence that it had actually been codified until the 2nd century ACE primarily by R Akiva, who interestingly, ‘though lauded for his great wisdom and learning, championed Simon Bar Kochba as the Messiah.  History has     proven Akiva to have been wrong.

During the time period in which the Talmud was being codified, most of the Jewish people were in HaEretz.  However, our sovereignty over the land was lost.  By the time the compilation of the Talmud was completed, some time after the failed Bar Kochba rebellion which ended in 136 ACE, for the exception of a small   remnant, the vast majority of Jews were scattered to the four corners of the earth in what has been an 1800+ year long galute (diaspora or dispersion).

The Talmud has carried with it a “two-edged sword” as it were. On the one hand, God has used it to maintain a   uniquely  Jewish  culture  centered around a religion that has enabled the Jewish people to survive history and maintain its own unique identity.  On the other hand, even as Israel sought “sameness” by choosing a king over G-d, Israel now sought “uniqueness” by  choosing the Rabbi’s over Moses, by exchanging the Word  of G-d for their word, and hence, the great   RABBI whom I like to call THE TZADIK (the perfectly righteous one... Y’shua) the Messiah, was rejected.3

Rabbinic authority maintained continuity while the nation was scattered around the world.  But that time seems to be fast coming to an end!  Anti-Semitism in Europe and soon to grow in the Western Hemisphere will drive the nation “among the nations” back to it’s own land.

So who are the inhabitants of this land?  A new crop of “immigrants” has just arrived from India.  Previously Jews arrived in this contested bit of real estate from South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Germany, France, Ethiopia, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, the United States... In fact, colloquially speaking, the United Nations is in Israel! (Maybe that’s why perhaps, the United Nations seems to be a clandestine enemy of Israel.  It’s jealous).

Consequently, modern day Israel is a veritable potpourri of variable cultures of people having a common  identity.  We are all Jews... descended, in one way or another through our father, Jacob.  Our survival and return to the land makes us a living breathing testimony to the veracity of Tanaach4.

So what does G-d what to achieve through all of this?  God wanted we, the Jewish people, to be a segullah... a unique, prized possession.5

In 1 Samuel we didn’t want to be unique.  We wanted to be the same.

The compilers of the Talmud wanted us to be unique.

But God’s intent was always for us to be not only unique but in HaEretz... the land.  It was national sin that extricated us from the land (Dt. 28)

Now we’re back in the land, but we’re still sort of like everyone else.  We have public displays that utterly defy the teachings of Moses.  For instance, in defiance of Moses’ teachings against sexual deviancy in Lev. 18, we have gay pride parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!  At the other end of the pendulum of extremism, it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t keep the Rabbinic version of Kashrut... namely, if you’re a family and you want to eat a meal together, all of you are going to  have to eat at either a milchekeh or fleshika restaurant because you won’t be able to get both mild and dairy at the same meal.

There are some things that remind us of influence from Taanach, however.  The Sabbath occurs on the seventh day of the  week.  Passover,  Shavuoth (the Feast of Weeks or “Pentacost”) and Sukkoth (The Feast of Booths) are observed as national holidays, and despite their hard exteriors, Sabras (native born Israelis) are probably among the most compassionate people on the planet.

Israel’s military has historically and continues to go out of its way in its efforts to spare the lives of innocents among the population of her enemies.  And the common Israeli Arab is far better off and has infinitely more freedom in Israel than in any Arab ruled country.

Now the Rabbis have passed down many wonderful traditions.  But they have chosen to reject, the most important teaching of all... that the Tzadek Y’shua is our Messiah.  Unfortunately that teaching seems to have been necessary for our unification because we were without the land which would be our means of unification.  Today we have the land.  The land will assure our uniqueness.  Eventually, the Messiah will assure our righteousness.  We will be the segulah (prized possession) of HaShem and the “survivors of the nations who attacked Jerusalem will assembly annually in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Booths and learn from the Law of  God.”6

1 The Talmud of the Land of Israel, Vol. 2, Peah, Trans. by Roger Brooks, U.

of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1990, P.127 via Dan Gruber “Rabbi Akiba’s Messiah”.

3"The sayings of the elders have more weight than those of the prophets" (Berakoth 1:7); "An offense against the saying of the scribes is worse than one against those of Scripture" (Sanhedrin 11:3). 

4e.g. Ezekiel 20:34 - "I will bring you from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered -- with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath." 

5 Dt 7:6
Zech. 14

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A Backbone of the Bible in Tweets

The following was an attempt to communicate an overall picture of the Bible as it relates God's interaction in the affairs of humanity throughout history and into the future.

The Bible is not simply a book that one can read from cover to cover.  It is a book which must be meditated upon, related to other parts of the Bible understood according to the context, genre and it's overall message.  Even if one were to memorize the Bible, it could not be completely understood or appreciated.

Hence, what follows is a very feeble attempt to provide, in tweets, a sort of backbone for understanding the Bible.  I emphasize "feeble" because no such attempt can give the Bible justice.  Nevertheless, I post the following to whet the appetite of those who are unfamiliar with the Bible or to enable others to get greater insight into it's wonderful message.  The tweets include links so that one can verify that what I write is documented.  I provide no doctrinal conclusions.  I will leave that up to the reader.  The reader is free to comment at the end of this post and I will be happy to respond.

Welcome to my blog, this post, and God Bless you,


The Bible as a guide 2 understanding man, his relationship 2 God and human history.


INTRODUCTION: Where we are– Why we’re here– Where we’re going– A twitter/Bible panorama of the relationship between God & man in history.

Each section of the Bible is important for increasing depth of understanding.  I’m only providing what I think of as a backbone.

As I proceed, U will see that I link almost everything to a Bible text so you know I’m trying 2 let Bible speak 4itself.

U may or may not agree with it.  I only tell U what Bible says. – Now to begin…

WHERE WE ARE – We live in a world marred by violence, mistrust, evil and all living things eventually die.

WHY WE’RE HERE – The Creator God made all things and He determined that everything He made was GOOD.

Last of all He made man IN HIS OWN IMAGE and He said that that was VERY GOOD.

I would argue that “in His own image” can mean many things.  Not likely that God has a shape like man… but as God is creative, man is creative.

As man has a sense of right and wrong, he got it from God who knows absolutely right from wrong… good from evil.

Just as a great artist makes a beautiful painting, God created the world & the universe.  But unlike the artist, God’s masterpiece had life!

And, in a sense, if man was created in God’s image, the man was a sort of self-portrait.

Everything was good.  Food was plentiful & of infinite variety ‘though man had never tasted meat because there had never been death.

So, if God created things as good & man as very good… a self portrait, how could man with lust, selfishness, deceit, etc. B in image of God?

Man spoiled th image. But if man doesn’t reflect Gods image, God failed. But GOD DOESN’T FAIL. He’s changing mans image back? Bible says how

I will not tell U how here. If U care 2 know more, ask.  But read what follows first.


God put man in a wonderful garden. He was forbidden only from eating fruit of th tree of th knowing of Good & Evil.

God made a woman for the man.

A Serpent probably empowered by Satan enticed the woman to eat of the fruit.

I say “Serpent probably empowered by Satan” because Satan’s likened 2 a serpent

In fact it was Satan the first rebel against God who sought 2 tarnish God’s image by tarnishing man.

The man also ate.  God had given man/woman free will to love Him.  That would be shown by using free-will to obey.

But they used free-will to disobey because they thought they could be like God.

Death entered the world. The man & woman 4 1st time saw they were naked.  God killed an animal 2 make them clothes.

Relationships between man & woman became difficult.  The man blamed the woman 2 God. How could she trust the man?

There had been harmony.   Now disharmony.

God Cursed the Serpent.

God put enmity between the serpent & the woman. But her descendent would eventually crush the serpents head

NOTE: That was a promise for the future and I would argue, what the whole Bible is about.

Then God Cursed the woman – pain in childbirth. Man will rule over her.

Then God cursed the man. Summary - Difficult work to earn a living to survive.

Next came violence.  One brother kills the other.

Violence, depravity, Godlessness, increase until God has to destroy everyone. But one man, Noah puh and family.

God tells Noah 2 build an ark. By building the ark he’s telling all ppl God’s going 2 judge the evil world.

No one listened 2 Noah only his wife sons & daughters-in-law. Otherwise others would have been on the ark with him.

The entire world was destroyed by a flood except 4 his family and the animals he brought.

As we continue please note: Bible heroes R just ppl like every1 else. Muslims & Orthodox Jews make them greater than life.  They R not.

They R ppl who make mistakes with no excuse. Difference?  They obey a specific command of God. 2 interpret Bible we must read@ face value.

After flood Noah & Family leave ark. Offers sacrifice 2 God who promises 5 things:

Not destroy earth as B4, annual plant & harvest times, cold & heat, summer & winter, day & night.  Note: also “MAN’S HEART ENTIRELY EVIL”.

God tells Noah & Sons “populate earth”.  As all heaven bows 2 God all creation bows 2 man. Man may eat anything but blood because…

Blood represents life.  Any man or animal that kills a man must be killed by man.  Remember MAN’S HEART ENTIRELY EVIL but…

Man was made in the image of God yet God is not evil but Holy (inadequately defined) “Perfectly Good” Opposite of evil.

Noah begins farming gets drunk, gets naked. 1 son Ham, laughs. Japheth, led by Shem w/o looking @ father cover him.

Noah curses Canaan the grandson of Ham.  It’s his descendents who eventually occupy the land that Israel takes from them.

The occupants of Sodom and Gomorrah which God Himself destroys R direct descendents of Canaan.

Noah blesses Japheth but particularly Shem.  It is Shem who is to be the ancestor of Abraham.

ALL descendents of Noah traveled 2 Shinar (probably Tigris/Euphrates) 2 make themselves a name defying God.

But God had told them “don’t stay in one place but fill the earth”

It’s clear that all men are evil… disobedient to God, just as He’d said.

Rest of Bible is about 1 man & his descendents 2 implement a plan 2 turn evil men into good. Who reflect God’s image & worship Him.

The 1 man is Abraham, the son of an idolater and probably an idolater himself until God appeared 2 him.

He tells Abraham 2 do 1 thing and promises him 7 things.  You can read about it here.

Abraham obeys taking his nephew and wife with him.

Abraham & Sarah R getting old yet God promises him a son & the land with an unconditional covenant. (Abraham doesn’t have 2 do anything).

This chapter which is about the previous tweet, needs to be studied closely.

Remember I said Bible heroes also sin? Sarah & Abraham lose faith in God’s promise 4 a son.  So Abraham seeks a son through Sarah’s servant.

Sarah’s servant Hagar, gives birth 2 Ishmael. U may not like this but this is what Bible claims God says re Ishmael.

Newspapers sort of bear witness to this prophecy.

God commands Abraham 2 B circumcised, promises a son specifically through his wife yet gives promises 2 Ishmael

Abraham laughs in disbelief cause he’s too old 4 Children. God tells him 2 call the son Isaac (Hebrew 4 laughter)

Next Chapter God appears 2 Abraham again. 3 men suddenly appear.  Don’t draw conclusion re: Trinity just note.

God tells Abraham again. He will have a son.  Sarah, his wife, laughs. (too old)

The men tell Abraham the sin of Sodom & Gomorrah (S&G) very bad.  God must destroy them.

2 of the “men” (angels?) go 2 S&G. Abraham stands B 4 God. Again Don’t draw conclusion re: Trinity just note.

The men of S&G try 2 rape the 2 men/angels. They rescue Lot (Abraham’s nephew) & family.  God destroys S&G.

Lot sleeps (incestuously) with his 2 daughters. Yields 2 sons Moab and Ammon.

At 100 years old, Abraham has a son, Isaac

Because Ishmael taunts the infant Isaac, he & Hagar are expelled from Abraham’s house.

Although Ishmael was expelled from Abraham’s house, he is promised greatness.

God tests Abraham’s  WILLINGNESS 2 sacrifice Isaac.  Could this B a picture of something else?

Because of Abraham’s obedience, God promises him yet greater blessing

NOTE the phrase “in Ur seed” the same word used in promise 2 the 1st wife of man… continued promise the seed 2 crush the head of the serpent

Isaac grows up & marries Rebecca.  She has twins & is told the older will serve the younger.

Here is the whole picture of what’s to follow… following are some of the details.

Jacob, the younger, cheats & steals his brother Esau’s blessing from him.  Here’s the blessing.

In contrast, Esau’s blessing is more like a curse

Esau did deserve to lose his birthright, ‘though.  Earlier, he’d traded it in for a bowl of soup.

Because he’d lost his birthright, Esau threatened to kill Jacob.

Jacob fled back to Haran (Modern Syria) to Abraham & Isaac’s place of origin.

On his way, dreams that he saw God @ the top of a ladder which reached earth & with angels going up and down on it.

God promises Jacob 1.the land, 2.his descendents would be a multitude 3.All people will B blessed thru him

To make a long story short, Jacob marries his two cousins.  He really loves the younger but is tricked into marrying  the older first.

The 2 wives compete 4 Jacob by having children.  Because the younger was barren, they gave Jacob their servants 2.

The 4 women give Jacob 12 sons & a daughter.

Jacob prospers honestly and leaves his father-in-law who thinks he’d cheated him.

Jacob heads back to the land of Abraham and Isaac. On the way, he wrestles with a man/angel/God?

Again, we take the text as is.  We draw no conclusions except Jacob thought it was God.

It was here that God (or the man) changes Jacob’s name to Yisrael = “one who strives with God”

Jacob is very worried returning to the land.  He’s afraid of his brother, Esau.  But they meet cordially

They really go different ways but they come together to bury their father.

Once back in the land, God blesses Jacob again, again calling him Yisrael repeating His promise from before.

Jacob loves Joseph the first son of Rachel (the wife he loved) the best

The other sons sold Joseph to Midianites who sold him into slavery in Egypt, telling  their father he’d been killed.

Joseph went from being a slave 2 head of the household of a man named Potyphar, 2 prison, 2 Prime Minister of Egypt.

Meanwhile Judah, Jacob’s fourth oldest son has sex with the wife of his dead son (not knowing it was her/Tamar).

Tamar gave birth to twins one of whose names was Perez.  He will show up later.

As Prime Minister of Egypt, Joseph saves the entire known world from famine.  Every1 becomes a slave 2 the king

Joseph forgives his brothers for selling him into slavery.

But, B4 he 4gives his brothers Joseph must test them.  Judah proves 2 B the most noble.  (Note especially vs 33)

B4 Jacob dies he blesses his sons. The promise God gave 2 his fathers is passed on 2 Judah (NOTE especially vs. 10)

Despite the slavery of all of Egypt, Jacob moves 2 Egypt where Pharaoh & Joseph give him land & special treatment.

400 years pass.  Jacob’s family becomes over a million. The new king did not remember Joseph

Being afraid of the Children of Yisrael, the king of Egypt enslaves them.

The king of Egypt commands that all Baby boys of Yisrael R 2 B killed upon birth

One baby boy who survived named Moses was Raised by the king’s daughter and nursed by his real mother.

Moses grew up and seeing an Egyptian beating a Hebrew (synonym for son of Yisrael) he killed the Egyptian.

Moses fled Egypt to the land of Midian where he stayed for 40 years, was married, had a son.

After Egyptian king had died (Ex 2:23) God told Moses 2 go back 2 Egypt where God would use him 2 free the Hebrews

Moses, with brother Aaron helping him, go 2 the king & tell him 2 let Yisrael go so they can worship God @ Mt. Sinai

Cruel King said NO & hurt the ppl. God vowed He would take th ppl out 2 the land He’d promised Abraham Isaac Jacob

God caused 9 plagues 2 fall on Egypt. After each plague Pharaoh refused to free the Hebrews.

A 10th plague freed the Children of Yisrael.

In preparation 4 this plague people were commanded 2 bring a lamb in2 the home on th 10th of the month of Nisan

On the 14th, the lamb was 2 B killed & its blood put on outside of the door of the house.

While people ate inside, death struck the 1st born male in every home where no blood had been put on the door.

Because of the 10th plague Pharaoh let the Hebrew slaves go.

This feast was 2 B observed every year 4ever

This feast is so important the command to keep it is repeated many times e.g.

1300+ years later Jesus kept the Passover

Jesus used the Passover 2 teach about who He was & what He would do

The Passover in John’s Gospel goes in2 much greater detail (3 chapters).  Jesus says He must die but He will raise.

The Passover was a picture of Jesus’ death.  That’s why John the Baptist called Jesus “The Lamb of God”.

Jesus’ death paid 4 what we deserved.  Abraham offered Isaac, God offered Jesus.  The ram died instead of Isaac. Jesus died instead of us.

In the wilderness God gives Yisrael the law. How 2 act, what 2 do etc.  Central  in this law is a large tent with system 4 animal sacrifice.

The tent was 2 B made in a very precise way & a place of SACRIFICE.  God would B with the people from the tent.

Very special things were in this tent including a “mercy seat”. It was in a part of the tent only  high Priest entered & only 1nce/year.
Any1 else who entered would die.  If high Priest entered improperly he would die.

Once every year a precise ceremony was to be conducted with sacrifices in the tent to take away the people’s sins.

Much later, King David wanted 2 build a temple 2 replace God’s tent.

God, through Nathan the Prophet said He would build a house 4 David and his son after him would B king 4ever

Later, David’s son Solomon did build a Temple.

Solomon offered a prayer 2 dedicate the Temple.  All of it is important but I point 2 1 prayer in particular.

This prayer agrees with what Moses had foretold hundreds of years before Solomon.   Victory was not military but because of righteousness.

In summary Moses said “Obey Law… U will live in land. Disobey, U will be scattered on earth & endure hardship

But Moses foretold of eventual return.

Yisrael did disobey the Law. We did & do sin, & so God drove us out of the land.  Ezekiel graphically tells why.

But like Moses, Ezekiel promised R return. Not because we’re so good, but Bcause God wants 2 B honored.

After we’ve returned, Ezekiel says God will purify us.

Remember Passover speaking of Jesus’ death? After that is feast of bread w/o yeast 4 7 days

Yeast is a symbol 4 sin. Unleavened bread speaks of what is w/o sin.  Remember? Jesus said “this is my body - eat”.

As bread w/o yeast (matzo) was 2 B eaten after Passover. Jesus appeared bodily after  death.

The day after Sabbath of Passover is Day of First Fruits
First Fruits 4told Jesus’ resurrection (first fruits from dead) - wheat harvest. Most Jews ignore 2day.  Christians turned it in2 Easter.

First Fruits = 1 of many examples of how Christians ignore Old Testament

50 days after First Fruits = Barley harvest (2nd harvest).

2day Jews call this Shavuoth (weeks). Celebrate giving of Torah 50 days after leaving Egypt.  Some Christians celebrate it.

Bible says t’was 2 4tell, the 2nd harvest… believers in Jesus’. Note especially

That began the revelation of God 2 Gentiles through Jesus. People began 2 gather in homes & @ Temple 2 pray & eat

The message of Jesus is spread throughout the known world.  Most “believers” R no longer Jewish but Gentile.

All believers in Jesus (Jew or Gentile) were persecuted.  NOTE: there were Jews who believed and Jews (most) who didn’t believe.

Rome destroyed the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. Jesus had predicted it.

In 135 AD the Jews rebelled against Rome led by Simon Bar Kochbah.

Consequences of BarKochbah Rebellion: >Million died (including Romans).  Jews expelled from land. Name of land changed to Syria-Palestina.

Jews denied sovereignty 4 next 1800 years.  Moses’ Ezekiel’s & others prophecies of persecution came true 4 1800 years.

235 AD Emperor Constantine makes “Christianity” legal.  Easter instead of First Fruits.  Begins 2 separate Jesus from Jewish origin.

I don’t hold to any Christian denomination but this is word 4 word translation of Constantine’s letter.

We Jews (overall) had rejected Messiah Y’shua but just as Rome alienated us from the land, the “church” alienated us from our Messiah.

Many practices were begun that were not biblical – Sunday worship, building edifices (people had met in homes), Easter, Christmas, many more

History is plagued by instances of the official “Church” persecuting true believers in Jesus.  as well as Jews.

BTW even word “Church” is not found anywhere in Bible.  It has been taken 2 mean edifice but was derived from ekklesia meaning gathering.

But there’ve always been true believers in Y’shua, most often persecuted but not always.  God knows who they R

Here’s a picture of a man whom I know is a true believer in Y’shua.  Should that happen 2 me? God’s will B done.

I only know that good awaits the guy in orange & bad awaits the guy in black.

So religion has not given accurate picture of what Bible says. Best way 2 know read 4 oneself.  But can’t B read just like any book.

I’d mentioned Passover, First Fruits, Shavuoth (weeks). Then comes trumpets, Atonement, Sukkoth (Booths)

These days speak of events yet to come.  Trumpets… the promise of Jesus’ return

Jewish community today changed name 2 Rosh HaShanah (New Years). Synagogue worship. Blow shofarim (rams horns). “Church” does not observe.

Atonement (Yom HaKippurim) cannot B observed as commanded in Bible.  Needs a Temple.

Talmud records interesting changes in Temple between death of Y’shua & time of Temple Destruction (70 AD).

Today, Jews fast, pray and give tsidaka (Charity).  But Atonement looks forward to when Jews believe in Messiah.

This belief in Messiah (and repentance) will happen after great war (which it looks like we’re approaching)

Please note these verses cause as much as many may hate it, they R becoming real

Y’shua returns 2 put an end 2 the war.

Messiah will B king over all earth as was promised 2 King David, hinted 2 wife of first man & promised 2 4fathers.

In that day there will be peace as the world has never known.  Even animals will not hurt one another.

In that day, people will live much longer.

There’s one last Bible festival that I haven’t discussed yet.  Jews observe it today but not the “church”… Sukkoth (Booths).

Sukkoth is observed by camping out for 7 days in a Sukkah… a hut made of sticks & branches.

As Sukkoth follows Atonement on the calendar, so Sukkoth follows Atonement in history.

During the peace, all nations that went 2 war against Israel must send their ppl 2 Jerusalem 2 observe Sukkoth

If my enemy lives next door, I want house w STRONG walls. In future only sticks will divide millions who yearly come 2 Jerusalem 4 Sukkoth.

They will, every year, be instructed in God's Law how to live together in peace.

And a highway will go from Egypt, through Israel to Assyria and the three shall B friends.

There R even more wonderful things that #Bible says will happen beyond this.

There R many more wonderful details that form a wonderful tapestry of truth.

But this is good 4 now but I have some questions.

Does Islam have such future promises?
If Islam says Jews corrupted Bible Y didn't they remove bad things it says about them?

Y did Jews provide vast evidence pointing to Jesus in Old Testament but not believe in Him themselves?

Study the #Bible 4 yourself & unearth marvelous treasures.