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In 1 Samuel 8, Israel rejected God as its King.  The reason being that they “wanted to be like all the other nations” (8:5).  They were in haEretz... the land.
Evidence has it that the Talmud, however, was written to make the Jewish people distinct from all the other nations.
The Oral Torah became the distinctive of Israel. "...said R. Avin, [God said] 'Had I written for you the bulk of my Torah, you would be considered like a foreigner.' [For] what [is the difference] between us and the Gentiles? They bring forth their books, and we bring forth our books; they bring forth their national records, and we bring forth our national records.' [The only difference between Israel and the Gentile nations is that a portion of the Torah remains oral, and has a special claim upon the nation of Israel.]1
The Gentiles, by virtue of their access to the Taanach (Old Testament), now had access to all the Jewish writings.  To maintain the distinct identity of the Jewish people, the Rabbis proposed that along with the written law, Moses transmitted the oral law on to Joshua who in turn, taught it to the Rabbis2. This was to be that element that was to distinguish the Jewish people from all the other nations (goyim).  Only the Jews had access to this writing.
Now, instead of wanting to be “like the other nations” we wanted to be different than the other nations.  Oral rabbinic tradition from the time of the Babylonian exile already existed in the time of Y’shua.  Y’shua even gave prolific mention of it.  But there is little evidence that it had actually been codified until the 2nd century ACE primarily by R Akiva, who interestingly, ‘though lauded for his great wisdom and learning, championed Simon Bar Kochba as the Messiah.  History has proven Akiva to have been wrong.
During the time period in which the Talmud was being codified, most of the Jewish people were in HaEretz.  However, our sovereignty over the land was lost.  By the time the compilation of the Talmud was completed, some time after the failed Bar Kochba rebellion which ended in 136 ACE, for the exception of a small remnant, the vast majority of Jews were scattered to the four corners of the earth in what has been an 1800+ year long galute (diaspora or dispersion).
The Talmud has carried with it a “two-edged-sword” as it were.  On the one hand, God has used it to maintain a uniquely Jewish culture centered around a religion that has enabled the Jewish people to survive history and maintain its own unique identity.  On the other hand, even as Israel sought “sameness” by choosing a king over G-d, Israel now sought “uniqueness” by choosing the Rabbi’s over Moses, by exchanging the Word of G-d for their word, and hence, the great RABBI whom I like to call THE TZADIK (the perfectly righteous one... Y’shua) the Messiah, was rejected.3
Rabbinic authority maintained continuity while the nation was scattered around the world.  But that time seems to be fast coming to an end!  Anti-Semitism in Europe and soon to grow in the Western Hemisphere will drive the nation “among the nations” back to it’s own land.
So who are the inhabitants of this land?  A new crop of “immigrants” has just arrived from India.  Previously Jews arrived in this contested bit of real estate r4om South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Germany, France, Ethiopia, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, the United States... In fact, colloquially speaking, the United Nations is in Israel! (Maybe that’s why perhaps, the United Nations seems to be a clandestine enemy of Israel.  It’s jealous).
Consequently, modern day Israel is a veritable potpourri of variable cultures of people having a common identity.  We are all Jews... descended, in one way or another through our father, Jacob.  Our survival and return to the land makes us a living breathing testimony to the veracity of Tanaach4.
So what does G-d what to achieve through all of this?  God wanted we, the Jewish people, to be a segullah... a unique, prized possession.5
In 1 Samuel we didn’t want to be unique.  We wanted to be the same.
The compilers of the Talmud wanted us to be unique.
But God’s intent was always for us to be not only unique but in HaEretz... the land.  It was national sin that extricated us from the land (Dt. 28)
Now we’re back in the land, but we’re still sort of like everyone else.  We have public displays that utterly defy the teachings of Moses.  For instance, in defiance of Moses’ teachings against sexual deviancy in Lev. 18, we have gay pride parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!  At the other end of the pendulum of extremism, it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t keep the Rabbinic version of Kashrut... namely, if you’re a family and you want to eat a meal together, all of you are going to  have to eat at either a milchekeh or fleshika restaurant because you won’t be able to get both mild and dairy at the same meal.
There are some things that remind us of influence from Taanach, however.  The Sabbath occurs on the seventh day of the week.  Passover, Shavuoth (the Feast of Weeks or “Pentacost”) and Sukkoth (The Feast of Booths) are observed as national holidays, and despite their hard exteriors, Sabras (native born Israelis) are probably among the most compassionate people on the planet.
Israel’s military has historically and continues to go out of its way in its efforts to spare the lives of innocents among the population of her enemies.  And the common Israeli Arab is far better off and has infinitely more freedom in Israel than in any Arab ruled country.
Now the Rabbis have passed down many wonderful traditions.  But they have chosen to reject, the most important teaching of all... that the Tzadek Y’shua is our Messiah.  Unfortunately that teaching seems to have been necessary for our unification because we were without the land which would be our means of unification.  Today we have the land.  The land will assure our uniqueness.  Eventually, the Messiah will assure our righteousness.  We will be the segulah (prized possession) of HaShem and the “survivors of the nations who attacked Jerusalem will assembly annually in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Booths and learn from the Law of God.”6
1 The Talmud of the Land of Israel, Vol. 2, Peah, Trans. by Roger Brooks, U.
of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1990, P.127 via Dan Gruber “Rabbi Akiba’s Messiah”.
3"The sayings of the elders have more weight than those of the prophets" (Berakoth 1:7); "An offense against the saying of the scribes is worse than one against those of Scripture" (Sanhedrin 11:3). 
4e.g. Ezekiel 20:34 - "I will bring you from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered -- with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath." 
5 Dt 7:6
Zech. 14

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I – Law and the birth of Chaos

In Exodus chapter 17 we read the account of Israel, just having left Egypt, being confronted by the Amalekites in battle. Moses stations himself on a hill with the staff of God in his hand. According to the text, as long as Moses was able to raise the staff over his head, the Israelites prevailed in the battle. When he would become tired and have to lower his hand and subsequently the staff, the Amalekites would prevail. Finally with the help of two other men, Aaron and Hur, Moses was able to keep the staff raised over his head and Israel won the battle and drove off the Amalekites.

Much can be taken from this text. Sermons galore have been written on it. For me, however, the most obvious observation that can be drawn from this account is the existence of a simple correlation... Hands up... Israel wins. Hands down... Israel loses.

There is no rational explanation for this phenomenon. The Israelites, after 400 years of slavery, were probably not well-educated and certainly not skilled at war. Nevertheless they won simply because Moses had kept his arms up in the air!

I like to think of this passage as the “light switch” passage.

The comedian Steven Wright tells a story about how he rented a new apartment. He walked in and the light wouldn't go on. He flicked the switch up and down several times to no avail. Immediately he got a call from Germany telling him to “cut it out”.

When we turn a light switch on we expect the light to go on.

To a toddler a light switch is a fascinating thing. Like magic it turns the lights on and off. To an electrician however, I would imagine there's nothing mysterious about it, 'though he too, might not understand the intricacies of the sub atomic particles that generate the current.

I suppose there's always more to learn... mysteries to explore. And once a mystery is understood and no longer a mystery there remain a zillion more mysteries to investigate.

The light switch, however, is governed by laws. We call these laws the laws of physics.

But the text that we were looking at was not about light switches. It was about a war that was won or lost simply because someone had found a way to keep his hands in the air. But Moses' keeping his hands in the air was in obedience to another law. According to the text, God had told Moses to keep his hands in the air. That was the law! It overrode the laws of warfare. It overrode every rational law, but it was the law of God.

“Moses... keep your hands in the air.” Obey the law, you win. Disobey the law, you lose.

When Israel was parked on the eastern side of the Jordan River, at Mount Nebo, prepared to enter the promised land to the west, Moses reiterated a more elaborate law that he had received from God. This law was the law concerning how these people were to conduct themselves once they would enter the land. In summary, he declared... 'If you keep the law you will prosper. If you disobey the law you will be scattered to the far corners of the earth and endure hardship and persecution. However, one day you will return to the land'.

Like that light switch, promising luminescence in a darkened room, and like Moses raising his hands to defeat the Amalakites, Moses' promises have shown themselves to be trustworthy because they've been fulfilled to the “T”.

At the very heart of this law that Moses gave to the Israelites was the command to “Love God with one's whole heart, soul and strength”. But how can people love something or someone that they can't see, hear, smell, touch or taste?” The command was there nevertheless because the only thing that could possibly keep this new nation of former slaves together was a law that required voluntary obedience. What would keep a man from say...

raping as many women as he could get hold of or stealing, or murdering, and getting away with these things because he was the “baddest dude on the block?

What would keep him from taking land and making slaves of people for the same reason as above?

It was intended to be fear of, respect for, and a sense of accountability towards this infinitely powerful unknown intelligence who's eye was on the thoughts and actions of all individuals and who, in the end, was the dispenser of justice that, in the long run, would make this law work and keep this society functioning and thriving. Without this element, as the Book of Judges recounts over and over as having happened during its time, everyone “would do what was right in his own eyes” and the society would fall apart.

So, it was faith that such a god existed that maintained order, temporary as it was, in Israelite culture. The land to the west of the Jordan, where the children of Israel were about to enter was in the cross-roads of the trade routes of world. Traders selling and buying their wares would pass through that little patch of land as they drove their caravans from India into Africa or Europe and back or vice-verse. God's intent was for the land of Israel to be like a rest stop on the highway for weary travelers. And it was not just supposed to be just a rest stop. You've heard of the seven wonders of the world. This rest stop was to be like all seven of the wonders of the world combined and then some!

The traders passing through would see a people who were given to generosity, love for one another and love for them. It would be like nothing any of them had ever experienced and they would go back home and tell their friends and relatives about this wonderful land and about this wonderful god who'd superintended the authorship of this magnificent law that regulated the lives of this marvelous people.

Indeed during the time of Solomon, the people of Israel had become the talk of all the nations. Solomon had become the foremost horticulturalist and zoologist in the world. As we recall, the Queen of Sheba traveled over a thousand miles to meet him because of the fame he'd attained throughout the known world. It was estimated that Solomon had acquired, for use in Jerusalem alone, over 600 tons of gold! Because of Solomon's disobedient conduct late in his life towards the law of God, however, his son, Rehoboam, lost just about every ounce of that gold after an Egyptian invasion and the prosperous and thriving kingdom was divided.

Just as obedience to the Law in the time of Israel was necessitated by individual faith in a god who'd superintended the authorship of that law, so adherence to the American Constitution is necessitated by the faith of the individual Citizens of the United States' faith in God. The Constitution of the United States, in no way, resembles the Law of Moses. The Constitution is not dogmatic about how one must perceive God to be like. However, it was founded on Biblical principals based on an understanding of the nature of man. It was created with checks and balances to prevent one individual from gaining too much power because history had confirmed for the founding fathers who'd fled and fought against the monarchy of England, that any individual with too much power would become tyrannical.
John Adams' (the second president of the United States) perception of the Constitution was as follows:

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

And so, where do we find ourselves today? America has a population who's citizenry is subject to “human passions that are unbridled by morality and religion”. The end result as we are seeing and shall more acutely see in the future will be anarchy and chaos... a people without laws, where people take and do what they please... where “might makes right”... where “everyone does what is right in his own eyes” especially the eyes of the dictator(s).

II The Case for American Imperialis? Or is it more appropriately Evangelism?

One of the rallying cries from the political left in America has been that the United States is imperialistic and imperialism is fundamentally evil.

Imperialism that has been exploitative is most definitely evil. However, when the United States defeated Japan and Germany during the second World War, over the period of the next 60 years, those defeated nations were converted into the second and third largest economies in the world. Ironically, the people of Germany and Japan thrived as a result of having been defeated by us. I remember my father jokingly referring to it as US foreign aid. Furthermore, not only were their economies improved and subsequently their lifestyles, but they ceased to be warmongering and aggressive.

I recall flipping through the channels one day and I ran across a Little League World Series game. A team from Japan was playing a team from the United States in a game of baseball. I marveled that 60 years earlier, the fathers and grandfathers of these kids were being trained to kill each other. For the most part, contrary to earlier expectations the citizens of our two nations have acquired a mutual respect and appreciation for one another.

I kind of look at governance as a sort of socio-political DNA molecule. Food is good. It's made up of all sorts of sugars and fats and proteins and other good things. But when food is chewed up and digested, it would be worthless were it not for an amazing mechanism found in all life forms that uses digested food for energy and converts it into a complex of large complicated interacting molecules that work synergistically to sustain life, and give form to that life. From what I understand, DNA is a long molecule that bears a code. It's like a long circular staircase and it's rungs are made up of four molecules that exist in only two combinations. For the sake of argument, let's simply say that molecule A only forms a bond with molecule T and molecule G only forms a bond with molecule C and as such they tie the two “railings” of the staircase together. The order that these two molecule combinations take on this “staircase” serves as a sort of biological Morse Code. It tells all of the digested food where to go and what to do to make the unique shape of an ear, or determine the color of an eye... whether it should be used to make a dog or a cat or a mouse or a person. In essence this DNA code is like a law which gives order to what would otherwise be for all intents and purposes, dead garbage.

So why do I say that human governance is like that? This may be somewhat of an assumption but, for the most part, I think it's safe to say that everyone wants to be happy. I would also argue that everyone has a different idea as to what they believe would make them happy. Some men might feel that raping women makes them happy. On the other hand such actions would most assuredly make the women victims unhappy. Without law human beings tend to descend into chaos. Invariably everyone winds up being unhappy.

So then, what law enables people to live together harmoniously while maximizing human happiness? The author of said law would most certainly have to be intimately acquainted with what genuinely gives people optimum happiness. Said author must have an accurate ability to discern the differences between human wants and needs and have an understanding as to what deterrents are most effective at preventing bad choices in this area. The author of such a law must be entirely empathetic. He must be acquainted with disappointment that comes from wants and/or desires that, of necessity, must give deference to those things that are incompatible with them yet which are, in the long run, and objectively speaking, more appropriate. Perhaps He might have an understanding of what might be an appropriate reward or set of rewards for those willing to make those necessary sacrifices for the sake of the more appropriate options. That is truly the law for which the world ought to be longing!

It seems, however, at least at face value, that no such constitution has been written to date, but even so, invariably there are going to be those who will not be willing to abide by such a constitution anyway. They'll still have their own opinions about what makes them happy. They'll go on raping women or stealing or doing whatever aberrant behavior that they do.

And so the question arises... who is it who desires to experience this utopia of guaranteed happiness? I would hold that it would be those who would be willing to submit to the authority of the Constitution... the law that creates order out of human chaos. Hence, the citizens of this kingdom must actively pursue conduct befitting this constitution (This conduct is pretty clearly defined in Jesus' sermon on the mount). It is sad to say that those who would be unwilling to abide by the constitution must, therefore, of necessity, be left outside the kingdom where, as the writer of the Book of Revelation puts it, “there will be eternal wailing and gnashing of teeth”.

So far, I've given somewhat of a feeble picture of the ideal constitution. In the meantime, history has been replete with all sorts of constitutions. Which is or was the best? I'm sure that there are countless parameters for evaluating them. But allow me to suggest one parameter... Immigration. Are more people desirous of entering a country than leaving that country? Said numbers can serve as a pretty fair indicator concerning where relative happiness of the population can be determined. Interestingly it seems that everyone and his uncle wants to come to the United States. Given my suggested indicator, it seems that the US constitution has created an environment most consistent with overall human happiness and prosperity in our modern world. And so, we have an immigration “problem”.

So what is the solution to this immigration problem? Like DNA the US Constitution is a template for the best known governance in the modern world. It, as we've already seen, can really only be effectively upheld if, as John Adams stated, “human passions are restrained by morality and religion”. But there are elements within the United States whom, according to the Psalmist, declare “Let us cast their (the L-ord and His Messiah) bonds asunder and tear their cords far from us” (Psalm 2). They want freedom from God and freedom to do whatever they want, whether it be sleep around, abort babies, leave their wives, engage in homosexual conduct... You name it. The less laws the better. Yet in the process they replace what will ultimately cause the greater happiness and good for all with what they want or desire. And they do this at the expense of their spouses, their children or whoever else might be the victim of their decisions. And according to John Adams, the US Constitution cannot maintain a society under that weight of such “lawlessness”.

Presently, illegal aliens are crossing US borders as if these borders were osmotic membranes. Why are they doing this? For the most part, they're primarily doing it to escape the lawlessness in their own countries and seek a better, more affluent life for themselves. This tendency toward immigration will undoubtedly end when the misery index in the United States reaches the same level of the countries from which these illegal aliens are coming.

What is the solution to this? T'shuva... repentance. The church, for one thing, does not have a proper understanding of law and grace. It has mistaken grace for antinomianism. One of the most disconcerting comments I've heard of late was stated by a man who'd sponsored a race about five or six years ago in Tennessee. I don't recall all the details, but either a tire, or one of the cars itself launched into the stands and killed several bystanders. In an interview on the TV news the sponsor of this event declared “I've done nothing wrong. I'm a Christian.”

Yes... he had done something wrong... The Law of Moses declares...

When you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof, so that you will not bring bloodguilt on your house if anyone falls from it.
Dt. 22:8

Building a barrier around a flat roof where people went up for celebrations so that they wouldn't fall off was declared to be the responsibility of the owner of the house. Such an action truly falls under the larger heading of “loving your neighbor as yourself”. Plainly the law of Moses applies here. The sponsor of this racing event, if he is in fact a Christian (God only knows), should not only not be hiding behind the Name of Jesus by declaring himself as a Christian in his defense (which is tantamount to taking God's name in vain), but he should have taken the necessary precautions so that this accident could never have occurred... if for anything, for the purpose of doing all things to the Glory of God. As it turned out the safety criterion for this race were determined to be woefully below standards. I pray that he comes to the point where he can acknowledge the depth of God's love and forgiveness that's available to him. On the other hand, he needs to be pursuing holiness rather than making excuses.

The church needs to utterly divorce itself from the idea of cheap grace... that Jesus died for me and therefore I can flippantly go about my merry way without concern for seeking to please God in all I do. Cheap grace has destroyed the power of the Gospel. Cheap grace contributes nothing but lawlessness to a culture under the guise of “religiosity”.

The church needs to be actively engaged in evangelism. The population of the United States and the whole world is casting its vote. They're voting that they don't want to be citizens of the kingdom with the ideal constitution. The church needs to be exhibiting righteousness, preaching repentance and preaching forgiveness for sin through and only through the blood of Jesus.

Only then can the integrity of the United States life-style and Constitution be upheld if that is still possible.

From a political standpoint, righteous governance needs to be encouraged world-wide. Through the application of pressure upon tyrants, people can be enabled to live more freely. Islam and other false religions must not be placated. Their veracity must be challenged at every turn and their practice must not be accommodated at the expense of the freedom of others.

Earlier I posited my feeble description of righteous governance. Does the Sharia law of Islam seem to even come close to that? Does it even remotely understand and look after the needs and wants of women? What about the Hindu Laws of Manu which lock people into a caste system whereby untouchables are denied any opportunity for upward mobility in Indian society. The Gospel is accomplishing amazing things in India. What about communist countries where God is the state and “religion is the opiate of the masses”... where people are made to do and believe what the state tells them to do and believe? What about North Korea where Kim Jong Un, the little tyrant from hell, is God?

The probability of the United States returning to those carefree days of long ago is very remote. Even those days were not carefree. Discrimination and segregation were rampant. As sacred as the US Constitution is, it is still a flawed document though it's the best thing out there. And it's citizens have always been a flawed people. Though the world is casting it's vote against the ideal constitution, there are some on this planet both from the past and of the present who are looking forward to its actualization. For a while it seems that those against the ideal constitution will be having their way as the world heads further and further into chaos, lawlessness and bloodshed. But fear not. If you cast your vote for the kingdom with the ideal constitution that day shall surely come. It is inevitable.

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A friend seemed to demonstrate some confusion over understanding Islam and the Middle East... I answered him with my take on the situation. I truly, however, cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding this issue. And so I'm posting what I posted to him with some further elaboratiion. The following is a short summary of my understanding of things. You're free to chime in and agree or make corrections.
I might add however, that there are great resources for further in depth study and understanding. Among many, I site the following: "A Perspective on Islam" by Avner Boskey, 
 Questioning Islam by Peter Townsend.
And here is my short little synopsis...
Islam is fundamentally anti-Biblical. The orthodox Christian (Biblical) view of Jesus, i.e. that He is the God-Man and distinct yet indivisibly one with the Godhead is called "Shirk" in Islam. It is blasphemy and the most egregious of sins... punishable by death.
According to Surah 5:21 of the Quran The Jews are the inheritors of the land over which there is presently this disputation. How Islam reconciles this Quranic position and yet contradicts it with this present anti-Israel stance is beyond me, although I allude to some of the causes for the anti-Israel attitudes below.
In Islamic thought there is the notion of the "Caliphate"... dominance of the entire world under the "thumb" of Islam. Anyone whose thinking is not consistent with Islam is either to be "converted" subjugated or killed. Hence, Islam is territorial. Once a geographical area comes under the thumb of Islam the territory is called "Dar al Islam"... the House (or territory) of submission. There are two other territories in Islam... Dar al Harb (The territory of War) and Dar al Amin (Countries where Muslims have the right to practice Islam but are nevertheless not dominated by Islam... yet).
The dispute over the land (Israel) has many facets to it. The most obvious to me, yet overlooked by many, is built around the question... "What territory ought to be the most likely to be defined as Dar al Islam?" Answer... the Middle East... after all, that's where Islam had its origin and where Islam is most dominant. But smack dab in the middle of the Middle East is Israel... a nation not dominated by Islam but predominantly Judaism. This is an affront to Islam. Like a sliver in one's finger, as tiny as it may be, it needs to be removed. Hence, Islam, the world view, and the spirit dominating it's people will resort to anything to excise Israel... endlessly and determinedly using one strategy after another to put into practice what will eventually work in removing this "unclean" presence from it's midst. Presently Islam is attempting to use world opinion in it's incessant blame of Israel for the deaths of Palestinian citizens intentionally put into harms' way for the purpose of getting photo ops so as to garner sympathy.
The territorial issue is one thing. Another issue is that there has always been animosity between Islam and the Jewish people. The Quran calls Jews "apes and pigs" (Surahs 7:166, 2:65, and 5:60). Presumably this is because Jews, understandably, saw through the lie which was Islam and wouldn't convert when Muhammad had presented it to them.
This animosity was exacerbated when some 300 - 600 Jewish males of pubescent age and older from the Qurayza tribe were lined up and systematically beheaded by Muhammed presumably because of their collusion with his enemies. Such, however, was the not the case. The Qurayza were most notably neutral during Muhammad's military campaign.
This animosity was inflamed even further because it was a Jewish woman who was ultimately responsible for Muhammad's death. She was a captive from one of Muhammad's conquests who gained enough trust to become his cook. One day she poisoned his meat. Muhammad lived a number of years subsequent to his poisoning however, debilitating and painful symptoms that resulted from that poisoning grew until his eventual death.
So what is there to make of all of this? Israel is the only country in the world whose leaders are aware of the true nature and threat of Islam. Hence, while the world can't understand her recalcitrance, Israel will survive while the rest of the world will either be subject to the terror of Islam or take repressive actions in response to the presence of some form of Islam. Hence, I believe that Israel, for a time, is destined to become the only free nation on earth while the "Christian" nations whose populations are already luke warm at best in their faith, will never know or understand the nature and threat that is Islam. They will yield to political correctness. I think that this is what will characterize some of the geopolitical framework which will lead to what we know to be "the great tribulation". In the process, all the nations who think they know better than Israel will war against her, starting, obviously, with the Islamic nations and eventually the rest of the enslaved world. Hence Jerusalem will become like a giant bolder that will cause every nation that tries to lift and move her to get a "hernia" (Zech. 12:2-3).
On a final note: In this whole scenario I see two god's competing... the god of Islam (notice the small "g"), and the God of Israel. Allah of Islam is plainly not God. Avner Boskey puts it well in his little booklet to which I referred. Along with other reasons, Allah has a different agenda than the God of Israel. As an example, Allah would have the Jews destroyed. The God of Israel, on the other hand, assures that the Jews will survive history (Jer. 31).
Just as we see two g(G)ods competing we see two l(L)aws competing. Sharia (the law of Allah) seeks universality and to subjugate people. According to this law women are nothing but chattle to satisfy the behest of men. On the other hand, the law of God is freeing. Women are respected and cherished and people conduct themselves in a manner most fitting to the way that God made them. We can read about the law of God in the Sermon on the mount where Y'shua describes the conduct of citizens of the Kingdom of God. The epistles expound further. Ultimately this Law will be characterized by what the Apostle Paul called the "Fruit of the Spirit" in Ephesians 5. Paul points out that when people demonstrate this "fruit of the Spirit"... love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, their is no law that they could possibly be breaking!
Both world views look forward to the universality of their respective laws. Sharia is allegedly to be universalized when Islam dominates the planet. The Law of God will be universalized when Messiah Y'shua returns and all the nations which have come against Israel during the wars will be required to be represented at Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkoth (the Feast of Booths) in Jerusalem annually (Zechariah 14). ' The fruit of obedience to the Law of God (the first Law being to Love God with one's entire being) will be peace marked by loving and appropriate relationships between people.
This, my friends, is what the world of Islam has demonized by calling it "Zionism". This is why we must pray fervently for the peace of Jerusalem. True Zionism's actualization will be marked by peoples of all nations and tongues and cultures, each with their own wonderful and colorful unique qualities and yet each having one thing in common of which they'd never had in common before... a common constitution called the Law of God.
Many peoples will come and say,
“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
to the temple of the God of Jacob.
He will teach us his ways,
so that we may walk in his paths.”
The law will go out from Zion,
the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
4 He will judge between the nations
and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore. (Isaiah 2:3-4)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Conflict Between Hamas and Israel - Evidence that the Church Has Not Replaced the Jew

About two years ago I had lunch with one of the Pastors of a church that had subtle leanings toward the area of replacement theology which, in essence, purports that the Jewish people had been replaced by the "Church". He asked me "Do you really believe that the Israel of today is the same as the ancient people of the Bible?" My response to him was "If you don't believe that the Jewish people of today are the Israel of the Bible you don't understand the depth of the nature of the love of God. That's what the Book of Hosea is all about... the passionate unrelenting love of a man spurned by his unfaithful wife as an illustration of the passionate pursuit of a God who never gives up on the people He loves."

Today we are witnessing some the fruit of God's unfailing pursuit of His people. Israel, half of her people with trowels and half of them with spears (Nehemiah 4) has created, without doubt, the most compassionate army in the history of the world.

War is a product of evil. Evil draws good people into war out of necessity. Israel has been drawn into a war which, upon her success hinges the very survival of the Jewish people.

Israel's enemy is motivated by an ideology of evil and a cult of death. The leaders of this enemy band seek only to murder. They seek to kill any Israeli be he young, old, male, female, military or civilian with absolutely no strategic plan. Their only goal is to destroy. Furthermore the very people they have allegedly been entrusted to govern, the Palestinians, are used as expendable pawns to be "martyred" for the cause of their false god heralded by their pseudo prophet Muhammad. The deaths of these poor people are put on display before the television sets of the world so as to arouse international hatred for their Israeli enemies.

Israel has absolutely no recourse but to defend herself. She has gone through great lengths to provide protection for her citizens, and although not perfect, she has done her utmost to spare the lives of Palestinians. She has used phone calls, leaflets, dud bombs and other advanced warning methods to implore Palestinians to get out of harms way in advance of a pin-point attack to destroy a weapon or a specific enemy combatant. She has also hospitalized wounded Palestinian including those who were enemy combatants.

Statistics from Al Jazeera (a not-friendly-to-Israel news organization) reveal that the majority of Palestinians killed in this conflagration have been men between the ages of 18 to 38. In light of the fact that the average Palestinian age is 14 and that the enemy combatants use women and children as human shields, this truly reflects Israel's extraordinary efforts to spare life. If Israel had the same mentality as her enemies she could have simply carpet bombed Gaza and gotten over with it.

The contrast between the attitudes of Hamas and Israel are breathtaking. The former wishes to promote death. The latter wishes to preserve life. The former is egged on by a phony god promulgated by a phony prophet. The latter is a people whose history has been guided by the God of Israel who has used Torah, history, millenia of persecution, galute (diaspora), rabbinic tradition and even rejection of rabbinic tradition to create a "segula"... a people who are a prized possession regardless of their belief or unbelief. They have become an exemplary but imperfect people with an imperfect but nevertheless comparatively compassionate army.

We are now stepping into a new age where it will be more and more obvious that the nations of this world will be judged by their acknowledgment or lack thereof of the contrast between Israel and her enemies. Woe to those who do not see that contrast.

I can also say with relative confidence in light of Romans 11:17-21 "Woe to the local church that would seek to keep the Jewishness of Jesus off the metaphorical front page headline of the Bible" and assume that the Church has replaced the Jewish people. What is going on today is further evidence that the Church has not.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

One's Faith ought not be in Miracles but God is performing them anyway in Israel

I'm not one that hangs my hat on miracles.  Even Satan produces miracles.  Often Christians look to miracles for evidence that what they believe is valid.  They pray for a miracle but if the miracle for which they yearn is never answered, their faith goes bankrupt.  They lose faith or "backslide".

Faith in miracles can lead to excessive emotionalism.  It adds validity to the notion that one can "be so heavenly minded that he is of no earthly good".  It seems hard to believe, however In HaTorah we recall that the Children of Israel at the time of the Exodus saw one incredible miracle after another and yet they didn't have the faith to take on the "Anakim" after the spies had entered the land.  They'd witnessed 10 incredible miracles in Egypt (as well as hearing about the turning of Moses' staff into a snake), as well as the parting of the Red Sea and drowning of the Egyptian army (As my friend Avner Boskey used to put it, while growing up, his Rabbi used to say that Moses knew where the sand bars were).  The children of Israel saw water coming from a rock, being led by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  They'd seen thunder and lightning and heard sustained trumpet blasts as Moses went up to the top of the mountain to talk with God.  They were fed with manna in the wilderness and as they wandered in the wilderness for forty years, their clothes and sandals never wore out.  And yet, they had not known God well enough to trust that He would go before the "Anakim" in the process of conquering the land that God had promised to Abraham.

Miracles don't and should not sustain one's faith.  Only the very Word of God,  prayer and acting in faith, what the Word of God requires of us should sustain our faith.  Concerning this Issue, Peter commented that he had seen, heard, and touched Y'shua (Jesus) yet it is the "prophetic Word" not necessarily past experiences that "shines like a light in a dark place".

When Operation Protective Edge (the latest Israeli military action against Hamas You can read Hamas' charter here) began, I, like doubtless many of you, began to pray.  I prayed that not one IDF soldier would be lost.  I prayed for the swift obliteration of Hamas, minimal Palestinian fatalities and that the poor Palestinian people might actually come to see Israel and the IDF as liberators from the tyranical claws of Hamas who's chief military strategy was to use the poor defenseless Palestinian citizenry as human shields.  At least from my vantage point, I don't see that really any of these prayers was answered for the exception, possibly, of the vanquishing of Hamas which, at least, has, at the present time, been humiliated.

In the past, we've seen images of nations, after a war, celebrating that the "enemy has been vanquished".  I'm not in haEretz (the land) so I can't really put my finger on the pulse of what is going on there but I suspect that the people there are in mourning.  Loved one's have been lost and, with Israeli's, life is precious.  Every person lost in war, soldier or civilian, is a tragedy for the whole nation.  Everyone is mishpocha (family).  Furthermore, Israel still faces more enemies, from the Arab nations immediately surrounding her to Iran, Russia, Turkey the Sudan and international world opinion in general, which seems to focus more on the thousand plus Palestinan civilians who died because of Israel's self-defensive actions in light of Hamas' "human shield" strategy, rather than the 100s of thousands of Christians who are being exterminated by Muslim extremists in Iraq, Syria, the Sudan and elsewhere.  It is Israel, not Islam that the world sees as the Villain.  As Isaiah put it "Woe to those who call Good Evil and Evil Good".  The entire world is about to undergo the judgment of God because of its attitude towards israel.

And so, it's not the answering of my prayers which bolsters me.  I'm just a shlemiel saved by the grace of God.  God only answers those prayers of mine that are completely in accordance with His will.  At face value, from my above description, I might seem to be a little more benevolent than God.  But He's a lot wiser than I am and He knows best.  On the contrary, it's the Word of God which bolsters me.  Hopefully I can get into eschatology a bit in the future though there are others who are probably more adept at that than I am (I'll probably link to them).  But the simple knowledge that God hates a depraved value system (calling "good" "evil" and "evil" "good") coupled with the contrast between the motives of Israel and Hamas (and Islam in general) is adequate evidence to show me that what is presently going on in the Middle East is evidence enough that we have entered into the last days.  Israel is about to become the sole bastian of freedom in a world which has a history of hating Jews.  The United States is fast on the decline and soon, the only really safe place for a Jew will be Israel.

Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that, at least apparently, God has not completely answered my prayers.  He nevertheless, is a God of Miracles.  IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers have returned from battle actually having reported the manifestation of amazing miracles.  There is no doubt that God is defending Israel.  Below are posts of two amazing miracles that have taken place during this latest conflict.  I do want to conclude with one caveat however.   Reb Jannai commented in the Babylonian Talmud tractate Shabbat 32 a that, in essence a person shouldn't intentionally put himself in harms way so that he will solely be dependent upon miracles to save him.  If Reb Jannai had listened to Y'shua in the first place, however, Y'shua said the same thing centuries before that.

Israel, according to talmudic (and consistently with Y'shua's) teaching has taken extraordinary precautions not to intentionally create a situation where she had to rely on God.  She installed Iron Dome.  She equipped herself with weaponry.  She trained her soldiers.  Israel did not choose to be in harms way.  This conflagration was imposed upon her.  And so Israel prepared.  Nevertheless God has shown up where Israel has been unable to cover all of the basis.  In essence... God has Israel's back.  Below are two amazing examples.  I've heard of others.   If anyone knows of any others please comment and share the link.

Where Iron Dome Failed to divert rockets heading for populated areas.  Check out the headline on the front page newspaper of this link.

Also, out of nowhere, a fog came to blind Hamas to the activities of IDF soldiers (same link).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Would Like to Thank the Man in the Picture for Showing us the Truth.

If Islam is allegedly the "religion of peace", and that person behind the mask is really aberrant... hence, not really a Muslim, then he's really just a "thug".  

Why is it that so called "moderate" Muslims fail to utterly renounce these types of individuals?

If they do, why doesn't the rest of the world hear about it?

Why have I not heard of any fatwas (judicial declarations) that renounce violent Jihad?

Is this what Islam stands for? Not freedom but servitude if not death first? 

The truth is that Islam has an instruction manual on how it is to be practiced.  It's called the Quran and it advocates exactly what this picture represents.  

"Nothing like a little loss of freedom".  That's what I always say.

I would like to thank the man in the picture for showing us the truth.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We Jews are the recipients of "Hate Without a Cause" - Why?

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and their ilk collectively are the face of pure evil. The atrocities that they commit around the world are beyond description. In light of their boastful assertions as “lovers of death”, if they ever had a golden rule, it would seem that their golden rule would be something like 

“We do to you what we would like to be done to us.”

As Golda Meir sagaciously stated “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.” We Jews don't want to “do to them”. We want peace. Personally, for me, nothing would give me more joy than the actualization of Isaiah's prophecy...

When “swords are turned into plowshares, when HaTorah HaShem is proclaimed from Zion to the nations of the world and when peace reigns on earth.
(Isaiah 2:2)

Despite the world's incessant slander of the Jewish people and of Israel, there is no doubt that Israel has produced the most compassionate military in the history of the World. The IDF warns people to get out of harms way, feeds it's prisoners, and does whatever it can to preserve life. Those who cannot distinguish between the pure evil of Hamas and the benevolence of Israel, I believe, will face the wrath of G-d. Accordingly, I believe that G-d has begun to and will continue to use Israel to judge the nations.

Nevertheless, Israel lacks one thing. It will not see the actualization of Isaiah 2 until one thing takes place which I shall elucidate at the end of this little essay.

Today is t'sha B'Av... the commemoration of the destruction of both the first and second Temples.

Concerning the destruction of the Temples, the Babylonian Talmud says in Yoma 9B...

“Why was the First Temple destroyed? Because of three evils in it: idolatry, sexual immorality and bloodshed . . . But why was the Second Temple destroyed, seeing that during the time it stood people occupied themselves with Torah, with observance of precepts, and with the practice of charity? Because during the time it stood, hatred without rightful cause prevailed. This is to teach you that hatred without rightful cause is deemed as grave as all the three sins of idolatry, sexual immorality and bloodshed together”.

The Babylonian Talmud, itself, bares witness to the reality that despite the apparent piety of our people, in our levim... our hearts, we hated without a cause. In Psalm 69 we read...

“Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head; Those who would destroy me are powerful, being wrongfully my enemies; What I did not steal, I then have to restore.”
(Psalm 69:4)

I would hold that this is the Messiah uttering, at the time of King David, how He will be treated at some time in the future. One might dispute my exegesis of that psalm, but coupling the interpretation that I proposed with the timing of the destruction of the Second Temple, 40 years after the death sentence that was carried out on Y'shua haNatzree – Jesus of Nazareth, plus the Talmud's own self-indictment of our people as “haters without cause”, the notion that we have rejected our own Messiah, to me at least, is compelling.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Jewish people have, for the past 2000 years, been the recipients of hatred without a cause. Could this not be the consequences of our corporate attitude towards our own Messiah? Is not G-d, perhaps, giving us a taste of our own medicine? The taste is beyond bitter!

I thank G-d for Iron dome and for the most benevolent army in the history of the world. My prayer is always for the safety of our soldiers. Every loss is a tragedy beyond words. A whole nation mourns for each life lost. I do bear some good news... Am Yisroel Chai. Jeremeiah haNavi told us that we would survive history. Furthermore, I'm also pretty convinced that Israel will, in the near future, not only be victorious but dramatically enlarge her boundaries. Nevertheless, I also have bad news. I'm certain that tragic loss of life will continue. Loved ones will die. Furthermore, we will continue to be an object of hate and we as well as the entire world will not see peace until we Jews come to love the one that we hated and continue to hate without a cause.

We need to practice true t'shuva and recognize that the one whom the Gentiles worship, is in fact the Messiah whom we hated but whom we've been called upon to love.