Friday, June 24, 2016

Two Faces of Globalisim - In aftermath of the British Referendum

The British just conducted a referendum which they affectionately called “Brexit”... should Britain or shouldn’t Britain “exit” the European Union and subsequently the Common Market?  The impetus to stay in the EU was becoming so weak that its proponents called for the “big gun” from the West, Barack Hussein Obama, to urge the people to vote to stay.

The “leader of the free world” had already become the recipient of much of the ire of the British people after returning their gift of the bust of Churchill, his weak leadership on Libya and the hopes that he would, unlike his predecessor, keep his butt out of British politics.  But now Mr. Obama was sticking his smelly butt deeply into British politics and rather than emphasizing the long and storied history of British-American friendship and alliance, Mr. Obama proceeded to threaten the British people.  He said that if they voted to get out of the European Union, they would “go to the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the United States. 


Mr. Obama is clearly not the friend of the British people any more than he is the friend of the American people.  His rhetoric has become louder and more distinct that if anyone is his ally it’s purveyors of Islam for whom he has become the great apologist.  Clearly he (and his presumptive replacement, Hillary Rodham Clinton) wants to accomplish for the United States what Angela Merkel has accomplished for Germany and subsequently the European Union.  Merkel “opened the German gates” to un-vetted Syrian refugees and by virtue of the fact that the nations of the European Union no longer have borders of any consequence, these “welcome” refugees have flooded all of Europe with their presence.  What has been skillfully hidden from the American people by the lap dog media is that these refugees have also flooded Europe with riots and looting and rapes and all forms of mayhem.  And Mr. Obama, who is either unaware of this reality or complicit wants to bring it, with all its glory, to the US.  My bet is that he’s complicit.


But what would be his motivation for flooding the United States with these refugees?  Some might argue that Mr. Obama is an Islamist who is interested in establishing a world-wide caliphate.  My bet is that he’s a globalist desirous of establishing a one-world government and that he’s working out a strategy in cahoots with others.  Both outlooks are universalistic. One is essentially religiously based.  One is secularly based. 


To accomplish the latter, national borders will have to become a thing of the past.  The EU, rather obviously, has a bit of a head start on the US and it looks as if Britain has, at least temporarily, thwarted this agenda.  England also has a more prominent natural barrier than the US.  However, I find it difficult to believe that this is anything other than the reason behind the Federal governments’ unwillingness to build a fence or enforce border control.


On paper it would seem that this universalism sounds good… one world government with everyone sharing resources and living happily ever after.   Antagonists to Socialism have rightfully pointed to its history of failure.  Socialism has always worked until the government has “run out of other people’s money”.  For the most part socialism has morphed into communism which has resulted in the deaths of 10s of millions of people… from China to Cambodia to the Soviet Union.


There may be any number of reasons for the lemming-like crowds of people falling for this politically elitist juggernaut which wants to take the world into this globalist direction.  Perhaps it’s lack of education or naiveté.  Socialism, has always been introduced incrementally as a solution to societal ills whether it be inequality between the sexes or the races, or environmental concerns most of which are trumped up such as is the case with global warming which, if it really were a problem, could only be solved if it were dealt with globally.  Hence, socialism is made to sound good, and in fact, utopian.  Furthermore, in spite of socialisms abysmal track record as a “gateway” to freedom, it seems that these elitists have an explanation… “Socialism has failed because it has never been implemented universally”.  At this time in history, this grand, out-of-the-laboratory experiment can finally be attempted.


There will be a price to pay for this which has already begun to be evidenced.  In order to implement this grand scheme the “elitists” have begun a mass migration which has resulted in the attempted mingling of fundamentally incompatible cultures.  The people of the west, especially Europe, have come face-to-face with basic barbarism which was paved the way by a vanguard made up of a façade of gentility.  The evil which the politicians and forerunners of Islam have left in their wake has been devastating on a personal basis to the lives of countless people of the west but as Stalin once said, “If one person dies it’s a tragedy.  If a million people die, it’s a statistic”.  The purveyors of this “One World Government” are on the verge of creating a million, if not millions of tragedies.  It seems that to these people, the end justifies the means.  “Utopia or bust people be damned”.  I dare say that the similarity between these elitists and Islamists who would sacrifice the lives of Palestinians for the cause of Allah is striking, but I digress.


If indeed, this globalist movement is secular, I predict the following.  Christians, Muslims and other practitioners of faiths which would resist this form of human governance will be either subject to brainwashing techniques or exterminated for the cause of “peace”.  A religion or religions which will form a compromise between the incompatible extremes of religions will be developed which will require global adherence.  We already see elements of this with respect to some of the rhetoric coming out of the Vatican.


Because of the intermingling of incompatible cultures, peace will have to be maintained via a police state whose technology is able to see into the private affairs of the citizenry and the use force if need be.  We already see this taking shape.  Laws will be written by the capricious whims of those who are “in charge” without regard for the objectivity of their ethics and without regard to their constitutionality.  We already see this in the form of Presidential Executive orders.


I wager that the vision of these political elitists is a global society made up of a synthesis between an Aldus Huxley and George Orwellian future where people will be denied the freedom to think for themselves, people will be mere puppets in the social order, life, for everyone will be without love or meaning and everyone will be expendable except for whoever might be at the top of the “food chain”.  As is the case with most of the world throughout history, it will remain without hope because, despite the so called utopian state of affairs, technology may or may not prolong life but death will forever remain the fate of everyone.  And at the top of the heap, the old adage “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” will finally, at least for a short while, be actualized.


These elitists gain their power through lies and deception.  Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are both legends in their own time.  They’ve lied about “shovel ready jobs” that didn’t exist.  They’ve lied about a video being the cause of a terrorist attack which was evidence that they were losing the “war on terror” which, it seems, they’d not been fighting all along.  They lied that Mr. Obama had saved Detroit which went bankrupt only AFTER his reelection.  They lied by telling us that we “could keep our doctor”.  They told us that the “affordable care act” would be affordable and it wasn’t.  Hillary told us that she was named after a man who’d not achieved fame until well after she’d been born.  She lied that she’d exited an airplane while under sniper fire.


I jokingly like to say that “once upon a time I thought that ‘Fantasy Land’ was limited to an amusement park in California”.   Fantasy land has become this entire planet where people like the above mentioned clowns who assume themselves to be leaders have managed to get people to believe lies as though they were truth and get them to act in response.


As for me?  I would hold that if there is such a thing as a lie there’s also such a thing as truth and it behooves the wise individual to seek to pursue truth with undaunted vigilance because in the truth can be found reality. 


I believe that there are absolute standards of right and wrong that override capriciously determined laws.  I believe that adhering to those standards in spite of the consequences brings me more closely on the side of that which is real.  I don’t believe that liars have the right to act as elitist and rule over others.  Only a man of unquestionable integrity deserves that privilege and so I refuse to bow to the whims of these elitists.  I pledge my allegiance to a man who is integritous, just and yet compassionate, who would not use people as pawns but would, on the contrary, not ask anyone to do anything that He wouldn’t do Himself.  I pledge my allegiance to a man who stands by His Word, who fulfills absolutely every promise He makes and who’s concepts of right and wrong and of justice are entirely consistent with universal natural laws.  I pledge allegiance to a man who knows everything about me and yet chooses not to pass judgment.   I pledge allegiance to Jesus.


Although these elitists seem to be edging closer and closer to their personal goal of what they regard to be an ideal world-wide government under their corrupt dominion, I have total confidence that it will be crushed by a new world order which will be ushered in by Jesus Himself.  And because it will be based on truth and what is truly good as opposed to subjective opinions, it will last for a thousand years.  It’ll be a time when people won’t have to worry about my grandchildren getting involved with gangs or bad influences.  It’ll be a time when nature will be more hospitable towards life.  It’ll be a time of globalism but this time of globalism will be one of peace, love and mutual respect.  Mankind will have its beautiful and colorful tapestries of various cultures with their respective arts and cuisines but there will be a unifying force that brings all men together… the rule of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah of whom it was written “The government shall be upon His shoulders” (Isaiah 7:14)