Thursday, August 4, 2016

Palestinian Museum - Like the prophets of Baal.

I make mention of this on my blog because I want to draw your attention to a reality that is really quite comical.  

As I write this, three months have passed since the opening of the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit of the West Bank.  The museum was and is intended (according to this link) to "celebrate and redefine Palestinian History, Art and Culture"

The only problem was that this $24,000,000 structure opened with no exhibits!  Allow me, if you will, to repeat myself.  THE PALESTINIAN MUSEUM HAS NO EXHIBITS!

In contrast, Israel boasts of having the most museums per capita of anywhere in the world!  And it's exhibits range from contemporary art to myriad ancient artifacts which confirm the testimony of the Bible itself which declares that Jews lived thousands of years ago on this piece of real estate called Israel and claimed it as their home back then.

The Bible talks about the Prophet Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of the false god Baal.  In summary, Elijah had challenged the Prophets of Baal to display the veracity of their claim that Baal was an authentic god.  When they couldn't, Elijah mocked them.

I can't help but say that I feel a bit like Elijah.  The Palestinians claim that they were in the land of Israel thousands of years ago, and so much as deny that the Jews were their.

I say to the Palestinians "prove it".  I'm eager to see how quickly you fill up your displays with your historical artifacts so as to prove your point.

In the meantime, keep building your attack tunnels and using your propaganda machine to garner sympathy from uninformed lemmings for the purpose of perpetuating a lie by which you can make up an excuse for killing Jews.  

If the consequences of what you're doing to yourselves let alone the Jews, based upon your lies weren't so tragic, they would be laughable. 

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