Tuesday, March 5, 2013


By means of introduction, the following may seem far-fetched.  Only time will tell.  But if time does tell you'll have known about it in advance.

Back in 2007, on one occasion, while I was visiting my mother, she asked me “So what do you think of Obama?” 

My response came... “I think he's a Trojan horse”.  This statement was accompanied by silence.  When I began to explain my position I was met with “that's enough”. “But”, I attempted to say, “Discussion's over” she interrupted.  And, in fact, the discussion was over.

That's the way it is when talking to liberals.  And 'though the political, socioeconomic and even well-being issues are painful, it's particularly painful when those whom you love won't even listen.

I forget precisely all the reasons why I had come to the conclusion I did at that time.  I do recall some fundamental reasons... very simple and basic ones.  If you've read any of the postings on my blog, you'll know that I've always felt, even before 9/11, that the so called, “War on Terror” had to be fought on the battle field of ideas.  As seemingly unlikely as it may occur, Islam needs to be communicated as the cult that it is and received as such.  Of course, Muslims who would be willing to engage in such dialogue on that level are, undoubtedly, few and far between.  However, it is counterproductive to give Islam any level of credibility.  I winced when George W. Bush announced that Islam does not teach violence.  Mr. Bush is wrong!  All that needs to be done is go to the fundamental documents of the faith of Islam... the Qur’an and the Hadith. I am not saying that there are not nice Muslims.  There are many nice Muslims.  I would argue, however, that they are not nice BECAUSE of Islam but IN SPITE of Islam.

One of the clues, however, which gave Mr. Obama away was his untoward willingness to give credibility to Islam.  He was not only giving credibility to Islam for the sake of political correctness, as was with the case of George W. Bush, he was voluntarily pursuing the acceptance of Islam.  As far as I was concerned, after he'd won the election, in '08 the so called “War on Terror” was just about lost.

Mr. Obama spent the previous 4 years setting the stage for what he's wanted to accomplish in his next 4 years.  He concealed the ramifications of his policies from the American people so that they would take effect only after he'd been reelected.  Unemployment, during his first term, went up to a real figure of 16 to 17 percent.  A definition was given to reportable unemployment, however, so that the figure was lowered to an average, during most of his term to between 9 and 10 percent.  Two issues, that come to mind, which partially averted public anger at Obama for this predicament were that he was able to deflect blame on his predecessor, George W. Bush, and that he was able to tap into the “bottomless resources” of the Federal Reserve and throw “bones” in the form of unemployment checks to the hungry masses, many of whom became happy to have a government hand-out for which they no longer had to work.  In lock-step with Obama's plan, they joined the ranks of those who were already “free-loaders”.  Now he had succeeded in increasing the already numerous ranks of those who had become dependent upon the government.  But, for the most part, it was OK with them because they were still being fed.

Obama Care, which is really an attempt to take over ¼ if the American economy and limit freedom, was not scheduled to kick in fully until 2014.  That would be well after the election.  By then Mr. Obama’s promises that “you can keep your doctor.” “Insurance premiums will go down” “health care will improve” will no longer have any meaning and will have proven themselves to be, at best, deceit.  As I propose to say at the end of this essay, I believe that Mr. Obama’s popularity is going to soar within the United States as well as internationally, and as a result, his myriads of lies will be perceived by the panting masses, as, at the very least, excusable because of 'all the so called good he will have accomplished'”.

So now, let's look at where we are today.  Barack Hussein Obama has won his second term in office and the stage is set for a devastating change in America and the world.  He promised change, but I don't think that even most of the liberal followers that support him want the change that we're in for. 

On the domestic front, he's called for the legalization of gay marriage.  That may appeal to some, and others may be indifferent on the issue, however, even in the liberal state of California, proposition 8 was turned down by the majority of that states' voters.  In the same way that Obama Care was shoved through Congress in spite of its lack of popularity, I'm quite certain that gay marriage will be shoved down the throats of the American people, in spite of the lack of popularity of that issue as well.

But even more critically (purely from a pragmatic point of view), Mr. Obama's attacking the 2nd Amendment  while two crucial and paradoxical things are happening at the same time.  On the one hand the federal government has been stockpiling offensive weaponry apparently to be used on the  domestic front while on the other hand, the Federal budget can't afford such extravagance. 

Mr. Obama proposed a cut in the growth of Federal spending, which is called a sequester.  He later denied that it was his proposal and then went on to cry wolf if it were to go through. He argued “There would be no more police and fire department.  People would starve in the streets.  There would be an end to medicare.  The military would lose its combat readiness... on and on.” Yet, while Obama cries wolf, he invests in offensive weaponry which seems to be intended for domestic use.  He's invested in over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets.  He's invested in over 1000 tanks who's impregnability dwarfs that of the tanks deployed in Iraq.  This begs such questions as... “Why couldn't these investments be curtailed in lieu of the alleged cuts threatened in Social Security and Medicare?  Why couldn't these exorbitant investments be curtailed in lieu of threats to investments in education?  Why couldn't these investments be curtailed in lieu of making an honest/good faith effort at balancing the Federal budget?”

All of this arouses suspicion that President Obama is really up to something sinister which I will address later on.

We've looked at the domestic front.  What about the world of Foreign affairs?  As I've written in earlier posts on my blog, it seems that Mr. Obama's allegiance to Israel is, at best questionable.  Throughout his previous 4 years he's been setting the stage for what I believe will prove to be an extremely significant event in World history.  But let's look at what has led up to the event which I believe is soon to be realized.

Mr. Obama, in the name of “democracy” has encouraged the “Arab Spring”.  Libya, previously ruled by the ruthless dictator, Mao-mar Gaddafi, has a new government.  As evil as Gaddafi was, however, the new government seems to be teetering on the brink of providing a haven for AlQaida if it is not already doing so.  Likewise, Obama called for the ouster of Hasni Mubarak in Egypt.  Mubarak was also a dictator, but he held back Egyptian animosity towards Israel.  Still teetering in it's control of power, however, the Muslim brotherhood, clearly not a friend of either Israel or the American people, is emerging as the entity controlling the reigns of government in Egypt and the Obama administration tries to paint the Muslim Brotherhood as moderate.  As an aside, those changes that have taken place in the governance of Arab countries have all been accompanied by loss of life... especially the lives of   helpless indigenous Christians.

There is a simple principle concerning governance in the Middle East.  Islamic nations are not capable of maintaining democracies because Islam, as a world view, requires some sort of a dictatorship in order to control the masses.  This fact is evident throughout history.  Yes, there was a golden age of Islam, but again, governance was still maintained through a dictatorship... perhaps benevolent, but nevertheless, a dictatorship.

In the meantime, while Syria's civil war rages with the murder of over 70,000 people, cries go out to help the rebels who are in the majority.  The US has started to provide them with apparently non-military aid.  The most influential elements of these rebels, however, are also radical Islamist s who,  are neither friends of the United States or Israel.  Furthermore, Iran is on the verge of obtaining “the BOMB” and the Obama administration, at least to this point, seems to have done nothing to keep that from happening.

Of course the focal point of this tinder box which is ready to explode is the age-old hostility between the so called “Palestinians” and the Israelis.  All of the Muslim nations, even as they murder each other both within and outside of their respective borders, hate Israel.  I site two reasons for this.  For one thing Islam breeds an innate hatred for Christians and Jews. For example  Qur’an says...

O you who believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies.  They are [in fact] allies of one another.  And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one of them.  Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. 5:51

Again it is written...

Say, “O people of the Scripture, do you resent us except [for the fact] that we have believed in Allah and what was revealed to us and what was revealed before and because most of you are defiantly disobedient?”  Say, “Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut (crossing the line of idolatry).  Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way.”  5:59-60

Furthermore, Islam is fundamentally political.  Its goal is to conquer the world and submit every inch of it to Islamic law (Sharia) and Islam's God, Allah. In doing this, Islam has divided geography into three categories... Dar al-Islam, Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Amn.  Dar al-Islam is that territory which is dominated by Islam.  Dar al-Harb is that territory which has not yet been conquered by Islam.  In essence, the translation of Dar al-Harb is “house of war”.  Finally, Dar al-Amn means “house of safety”.  Historically, the latter refers to a territory where a treaty has been made.  Also historically, these treaties are eventually broken by adherents of Islam when it is advantageous (because of some weakness in the armor of non-Muslim entities) to further the geographical expansion of Islam. 

In light of this background, Israel exists as a non-Muslim entity smack dab in the middle of Dar al-Islam.  Such a phenomenon is anathema to the Muslim mind.  Like a sliver in one's little finger, as small as it may be, whether because of pain, or just irritation, it must be removed!  This is, in a nutshell, the attitude of adherents of Islam towards the existence of Israel.  ABSOLUTELY NO NEGOTIATIONS FOR PEACE CAN ALTAR THIS MINDSET.

And so, a list of phenomena have entered onto the stage in the Middle East.  We see with the “Arab Spring” a growing actualization of Arab hostility towards Israel. We see the Muslim nation of Iran obtaining “the bomb”.  We see an increased, 'though misguided world-wide empathy for Palestinians, who, in fact, are victims and pawns of the world-view known as Islam. And we see Obama, the king pin who is tightening the screws, putting pressure, as it were, on Israel to negotiate for peace.  Contrary to public opinion, ISRAEL DOES WANT PEACE.  Most of her people want one thing and one thing only... to live in peace and be left alone.  Anecdotal to this, in the testimony of a “Palestinian” who became a Christian, he recalls an encounter with an Israeli woman on an airplane heading back to Israel from the United States. Assuming the stereotype he had of Israelis, and hiding his own identity as a Palestinian, he said to her “I bet your son, the Israeli soldier, likes killing Palestinians”.  He was moved by the fact that the woman sitting next to him burst into tears and exclaimed “He doesn't want to hurt anyone.  He only fights because he has to protect us.”

And so, what is Barack Hussein Obama going to do with this predicament.  This month, he's heading, for the first time in his Presidency, to Israel.  Israel's political situation is tenuous as far as alliances in its government is concerned.  I believe that Obama's going to exploit this, attempt to interfere in the Israeli election process and leverage it to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Furthermore, I BELIEVE THAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS GOING TO SUCCEED.  I do not know if he is a Muslim.  He certainly doesn't fit my definition of a “Christian” in the orthodox sense of the word.  This, however, is how I think his success is going to play out.  He will convince the Muslim world to acknowledge the right of the State of Israel to exist in order to make a treaty that will create an aura of peace.  This will serve as an advantage to the Arab world.  The contested state of Israel will become a Dar al-Amn.  Peace will have been established at last!  Barack Hussein Obama becomes a hero.  He is now the only man who has been able to create peace in the Middle East.  HE IS THE GREAT MESSIAH” as many of his unswerving loyalists already believe.  All those lies about health care and sequesters and movies causing riots such as the one in Benghazi Libya will all be forgiven because he has accomplished what no other man in history has accomplished... HE HAS BROUGHT PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST.

In the meantime, what is he doing with all that military hardware back in the United States?  He's using it to either kill or force imprisonment on those who are privy to his plot.  You see, Barack Obama has negotiated a Dar al-Amn.  The treaty is TEMPORARY.  At the time when it is advantageous, he will break the treaty!  And to those whom he intends to kill and/or imprison, he will do so because they are his political enemies.  His successes will cause the masses to even further marginalize his detractors.  And those who are his detractors do not just know him as Barack Hussein Obama.  They know him as THE ANTI-CHRIST.

Note:  Again, at this stage, this scenario or speculation may seem far fetched.  However the only factor needed to distinguish the Anti-Christ is his ratification of a significant and seemingly final peace treaty between Israel and the Muslim world.  His treachery can only manifest itself at a later time.


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