Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood and "Astroturfing"

When was the last time that the issue of “fetal tissue” hit the news really big? As I recall, George W. Bush was in office and he was taking a stand against fetal stem cell research. All the “big guns” were thrown against him attacking his character and his prudish attitude towards using only stem cells that had not been the product of conception. They say that he “wanted people to die”, “A lot of lives could be saved from the research conducted on embryonically derived stem cells”.

As I recall, one of the arguments from the political “right” was that, aside from the fact that embryonic stem cells were derived from “dead babies”, they had shown little promise in curing those ills at which they were directed. Furthermore, their insertion into damaged tissue had resulted in a high prevalence of cancer.

I think those findings were correct. I don't know for sure, but be that as it may, all hell broke loose in an effort to attack Bush so as to allow for the free usage of embryonic stem cells. The chief argument in favor of the pro-abortionist perspective was that “it would add to the arsenal of research and ultimately save lives”.

Whatever the case may be, the argument was heated... dare I say vitriolic! The pro-abortion lobby, it seemed, had made a contract with death. It was pounding on the doors of restraint and it was using as it's battering ram, lemmings made up of women who'd had abortions and/or knew what it was like to have unwanted pregnancies, liberals who felt that a “woman's right to choose” deserved priority as a concern (forget about the baby's right to live), and people who'd never seen the inside of an abortion clinic nor the inside of a womb with a baby bathed in amniotic fluid, screaming silently, desperately and in agony with its face contorted in pain as it's arm or leg is torn from the rest of its body in a matter-of-fact fashion by an enterprising abortionist.

And so we see in the news, finally, interviews of physicians and representatives of Planned Parenthood, talking about the harvesting and sale of human limbs and organs for profit as they, in a cavalier fashion, eat their vittles and swirl their chionti in their goblet before taking a gulp. One could call this behavior “disgusting”, but that truly is an inadequate adjective for describing it.

The olde adage, “Follow the money”.has truly proven itself! The lemming battering ram was spurred on by the one's who were truly to benefit from the abortion industry... the abortionists, Planned Parenthood, with it's mouth to the Federal Government's teat, medical researchers looking for Federal grants, you name it. And all the time you thought that the beneficiaries of abortion were the poor women who'd gotten themselves “knocked up” by irresponsible sex partners of the opposite gender. Oh, they're victims too, don't get me wrong, but why was it never told them that they had the alternative of giving up their baby for adoption, and why was it presumed that abstinence wouldn't work? Abstinence is still the only sure fire way of preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as STDs.

Enter David Axelrod... adviser to the illustrious Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Axelrod owns or at one time owned a company called ASK Public Strategies which is a firm that “discreetly plots strategy and advertising campaigns for corporate clients to tilt public opinion their way”.1 Those who are in the business of advertizing and creating public perception call this “astroturfing”. In essence, it's the art of creating an artificial grass roots movement... hence, “astroturfing”.

I dare say that Mr. Axelrod's genius has transcended merely the corporate world and entered skillfully into the realm of politics. Not only has astroturfing created a groundswell of abortion advocates who will defend Planned Parenthood in spite of its contract with death, but you'll see the fingerprint of astroturfing in the global warming debate which has conjured up it's own population of lemmings who actually feel that Climate Change (they don't know what to call it because in summer it seems like it's warming and in winter it seems like it's cooling) is a greater threat to the survival of the human race than the false religion known as Islam which is responsible for the rape, slavery and murder of Christians by the 10s of thousands. Yes-siree... there's money to be made through “Climate Change Warming Cooling”. Paltry as the donations may have been by Federal standards, nevertheless, numerous contributors to the Obama campaign effort got quite generous Federal start-up grants for what turned out to be failed “green” businesses.

Another beneficiary of the phenomenon of astroturfing are the fascists who, contrary to the spirit of the First Amendment, want to impose the state upon religion in the name of “freedom” and “human rights”. Mr. Axelrod and his ilk have created a swarm of gay sympathizing lemmings by declaring that gay marriage is a right. The issue has never been about gay marriage. It's always been about the imposition of fascism. And what could be the greatest example of fascism than forcing a business out of business because they won't bake a cake that advertizes a point of view contrary to their religious and moral convictions (case in point the bakery in Oregon which was fined $130,000 for not making a cake for a gay wedding).

Astroturfing is a way of creating a mob of mindless lemmings who enjoy unanimity in thought. They form a cocoon for themselves, isolating themselves from opposing views. They are intolerant of those who present opposing views and, all the while, unwittingly display their own intolerance. They are dangerous, because, ultimately, rather than allowing their way of thinking to be challenged, they would prefer to eradicate the source of the opposing view. History has shown us where that leads. Astroturfing has and is bringing about folly, waste and death... the kind of sterile death that is not seen, like chicken breasts on a grocery shelf, the death is innocent, far away, sterile, not perceived. It's called abortion. How innocent sounding!

Most Germans, during world World War II were oblivious to the Jews dying in the concentration camps. The gold in the teeth of the victims was removed to make jewelry. Their skin was used for making lamp shades. Their flesh was turned into bars of soap. And German citizens matter-of-factly consumed these articles as if nothing was going on.

Josef Mengeleh was a physician who carried out sadistic “experiments” on victims of the concentration camps of Germany. He gleefully enjoyed torturing his victims. As the concentration camps were being liberated by American troops, Mengele fled to Argentina. He never did make it to North America but I can just envision him sharing that goblet of chianti with those doctors from Planned Parenthood. It seems that his spirit has come to North America.

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