Friday, September 25, 2015

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Dear Sir:
Your comments on the global warming delusion were predictable, although somewhat misplaced. America spends billions of dollars trying to find a solution to a problem that does not exist. Why not speak to China or India. Their pollution levels are off the charts.
However it was your comments on wealth redistribution that produced my greatest anxiety. America is singularly the most generous nation on the planet. We give more money to more countries then all other countries combined. We are always first or second on the scene of every disaster anywhere in the world. Guess who comes in second. Israel!
As far as redistributing the money from the wealthy to its poor, this country outshines all communist countries. Our welfare system is truly immense. The top 10% of wage earners pay the overwhelming percentage of taxes. Almost one half of the country pays no tax at all. They are unproductive and collect a check every month. This is the definition of a parasitic relationship.
I find one thing quite curious about you statement. No, that is too nice—allow me to rephrase. I find your statements about wealth redistribution to be utterly hypocritical. A hypocrisy possessed of no boundaries. The Catholic Church is the single richest organization on the planet. Your wealth is beyond counting. There is not enough money on the planet to purchase the art, gold and land you own (and that does not count the buildings on that land). In stark contrast, the majority of Catholics around the world are dirt poor. Most of the people south of our border live in a stifling poverty that crushes the soul. Catholics in Africa and Asia have not found great prosperity either.
Here is my proposal. Sir, if this idea of wealth redistribution is something you truly believe in, then lead by example. With the sale of Michael Angelo’s David and perhaps a few of his and Rembrandt's other art pieces you could redistribute a great deal of wealth from your coffers to the poor God has entrusted to your care. In fact, if you sold that staff of yours you could buy a lot of meals for a lot of starving children in Africa. Further, there are a number of very old churches in Rome that are not being used for services. Perhaps they might be sold to some developers who could turn them into condos. Win-win! The Catholic Church gets a bunch of money to redistribute to the poor masses and the Italian people get some nice living quarters.
The present crop of thieves and liars that govern this nation are all ready, willing and able to take the money of its citizens. They call it taxes, we call it theft. They need no encouragement from the likes of you.
In the love of our Messiah Yeshua,
Burt Yellin

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