Friday, December 18, 2015

Saudi Millionaire Aquitted of Rape After "Falling onto Sleeping Girl and by Accident" Penetrating Her

Yes, boys and girls... This actually happened!

This 46 year old Saudi Millionaire, wakes up in the middle of the night (after having sex with the woman in his bedroom), offers to give a young 18 year old girl sleeping on his couch, a t-shirt to sleep in or provide a cab for her to get home (he doesn't quite remember which), but in the process of performing his act of gallantry, stumbles, falls, and by accident, his erected penis, of all places, lands inside her vagina! 

What's even more astounding is that he's acquitted in British court.  (The article that I got this story from, a reliable source, which I nevertheless, don't care to link, says that the Judge, during the trial, went off with the defendant behind the courtroom and had a private conversation with him.  Personally, I wonder what happened behind closed doors.)
It's a shame that Sharia law isn't already in place in England.  That way no one would have ever had to go through this bothersome, expensive and worthless trial.  Our Saudi Millionaire never would have had to endure this embarrassment, because the testimony of the young girl never would have carried any weight.  Nor would his actions have actually been seen as a crime.  The girl had been drinking.  She wasn't wearing a hijab (a Muslim woman’s head covering), or better yet, a burka.  The perpetrator could have been honest and simply said that his victim, by virtue of her unconcealed beauty, aroused the lust in him, and being a man, he simply did what men do and raped her.  Now, in light of the reality that, the girl had been doing all the wrong things, she deserves to be stoned to death.  And, of course, a hole in the ground would have been ready and waiting to place her where only her head would be exposed above ground so that she could judiciously receive her punishment for having aroused the lusts of her rapist.
What happened behind closed doors between the judge and the defendant?  One could only speculate.  But this is truly one instance where one has to question whether justice has, indeed been served.  It is easy, in this case, to judge the situation.  Although I was not there, I'm pretty confident that the defendant either slipped the judge a couple of Euros or threatened to have him beheaded if the trial didn't go his way.  It's nice to have power isn't it?  And it's not nice if you don't have power.  Wouldn't you agree?
Allow me, if you will, to contrast the judicial system associated with the true story I just recounted to you, with a different sort of judicial system...  the Law of Moses, to which, it seems, all forms of Christianity have shown disdain as, presumably, a refutation of the grace of God which is to be seen solely through Jesus nowadays.
What most Christians don't quite seem to understand is that the Mosaic Law was never intended as part of a religion, but as a necessary Constitution by which a group of people, a nation as it were, could peaceably and morally be governed.  This system was intended to ensure that justice would truly be meted out fairly.  The rich Saudi Millionaire would be treated with the same consideration as the poor (and admittedly foolish) 18 year old girl.  There would be no way that our defendant could "grease the palms" of the judge.
The old adage "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is not just a clever saying, it's an axiom.  Judges have a lot of power and if there is nothing to keep it in check, they can become corrupted and pervert justice.  One of the goals of the Mosaic Law was to deprive judges of the perception that they had absolute power.
Central to the Mosaic Law was a sacrificial system.  Animals were burned on an altar to remind the Children of Israel that there was a God to whom one was responsible for one's thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  Once a year the blood of a bull and the blood of a goat were brought into a pitch black, unlit room called the "Holy of Holies" along with hot, burning coals of incense the cloud from which permeated every corner of the room.  The blood was sprinkled onto a kapporeth (often translated mercy seat) and seven drops of the blood were placed in front of the kapporeth.  The kapporeth was made of pure gold and covered a golden casing which contained three items. The first item was a rod of an almond branch which miraculously budded in spite of the reality that it had been pruned off of its source, and testified to the authenticity of the priesthood of only one particular individual who had been designated to be priest by God... a man by the name of Aaron.  The second item was a golden jar of manna... a food substance that, miraculously remained fresh and preserved inside the ark and which had fallen from the sky in order to feed the children of Israel while they wandered forty years in the wilderness. The third item was the two stone tablets of the law of God... the Ten Commandments.  The first three commandments were to reflect man's relationship to God and the last seven commandments were to reflect men's relationships to one another.
The blood of the animals indicated that something or someone had to die because of the offenses of the people who invariably failed to keep the law that was inside that arc.  Seated upon the kapporeth sat the invisible, all knowing, all seeing creator and ultimate judge of the universe who sees and knows the hearts, thoughts, deeds, and attitudes of all men throughout time.  And of course, this God is not just limited to a little vacant room, but this room of which we speak, is really a replication of a "room" that exists in some other “spiritual” dimension outside the vast universe as we know it.  This room exists infinitely beyond human experience or perception.
Only the blood of those two animals assuaged the wrath of this God who's law, as was  symbolized by the contents in the arc, was constantly and invariably broken by men.
When it came to judicial matters, applying the "nuts and bolts" to maintaining law and order in a society, judges were assigned to decide matters between disputing parties.  Moses gave these judges strict orders... 
 "You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly."
Leviticus 19:15
The words of Moses were simple and straight forward but the Judge who was assigned to his post was not simply assigned to a position of honor.  He was assigned a sacred task... to dispense justice knowing that there was a God who was aware of how he was performing his task and that he would be held accountable eventually at one time or another, in this life or in the next, for how he'd performed his duties.  He was to be reminded that he did not hold absolute power but that the God, his creator, was the one with the absolute power.
And so, my friends, as long as people believe that there is no God, we shall see a continued deterioration of society.  As long as people believe in the wrong God, that deterioration will also happen and at an even greater pace! 
I feel quite confident that eventually the world will fall into such a level of depravity, lawlessness and evil, where justice is virtually non-existent, that the blood in front of that arc, which really was a foreshadowing of the blood of Jesus who died on a cross, will no longer restrain the rage of the invisible God who knows all, sees all and is the final judge of all things. 
The judge and the defendant, as well as the plaintiff in our little vignette will each one day, have a firsthand experience with perfectly meted out justice.  And I assure you, none of them will like it.

What about you?  How do you stand in the sight of the One who sits on the kapporeth?  Maybe you've not done anything nearly as bad as the players in our present day news story.  Maybe you’ve done worse.  But have you gone through your days doing things and carrying on in a manner that's oblivious to that one who sits on that kapporeth?  Have you said to yourself “Even if He did exist, He doesn’t see what I do”? God tells you to repent.  Give your life to Him.  That blood before the arc?  That was a look ahead to the blood of Jesus which stayed the wrath of the living God for the breaking of His law.  Apply that blood to your life, make amends, where you can, for what you've done, and seek to serve the true God of both love and mercy and yet justice.  He will forgive you and He will give you a fresh start.
My very best to you.


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