Monday, February 20, 2017

The Fundamental Problem with the West

In Philipians 4:5 Paul tells the ekklessia "Let your ἐπιεικής, (epieikes) be evident to all men.
According to Strong's Concordance, epieikes can mean "gentle, mild, forbearing, fair, reasonable, moderate".
Personally I like the terms "reasonableness" or "moderate" which is what the King James Version (KJV) uses. I actually see this as a law of Messiah. The "fruit of the Spirit" as outlined in Galatians 5 includes "Temperance" (according to the KJV) a synonm for self-control.
Just as all of the material universe obeys the laws of nature, so too, the spiritual or moral universe ought to obey the Laws of God but it doesn't because of the rebellious nature of man.
What (according to Paul) God requires of the Ekklesia, really is required of mankind in General and when we look around us, man is not inclined towards moderation. The large percentage of women in the West, desirous of abortions to compensate for what can only be termed as licentiousness plus a common proneness towards immodest dress which exists among a large population of women in the West is the very antithesis of moderation.
Evidence of man's inability to attain moderation is Islam which demands that women cover themselves because Islam has not, or has inadequately taught Muslim men self-control. Hence, the onus for restraint falls upon the woman.
In the book of Habbakkuk, the Prophet complains to God that Judah is being invaded by the Babylonians... a wicked and cruel people. In essence, God tells Habbakkuk that He'll take care of the Babylonians but He's using them to punish Judah for her own wickedness, and yet this is part of a process to refine and correct Judah.
I think that what went on in the days of habbakkuk is not too dissimilar to what is going on today. Because the women of the West don't understand the importance of modesty, God is and will use Islam to IMPOSE modesty on them.
The answer to the problems in the West is not yes Trump or no Trump. The answer to the problems in the West remains repentance.

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