Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There are four possible remedies for stopping illegal and/or refugee based immigration.
1. Build a border fence and deport illegal immigrants. - This maintains national sovereignty. But let's face it... Those who are fleeing wind up being sent back to from where they came to endure the persecution and dangers from which they'd sought to flee.
2. Those who were making life miserable for the fleeing "immigrants" turn over a new leaf. They become kind, benevolent and make their country a better place for the immigrants to live.
3. The United States goes in and bombs the sh*(t our of the country from which the "immigrants" are fleeing so that those from whom they are fleeing are no longer around to make life miserable for the otherwise would be immigrants.
4. Homeostasis - The United States just lets the illegal immigrants in. By virtue of their presence and lack of cultural adaptation, they bring the U.S. standard of living down to the point that life in the U.S. is at the same level as the country from which they're fleeing, dare I say 3rd world in nature and there's no longer anything appealing about the U.S. to attract immigrants.
The 4th alternative will certainly put an end to illegal immigration but it is an admission that the fat cats and oppressors who control the country from which the illegal immigrants are fleeing will have won.
Building a fence and deportation seems to be the other most rational alternative but it is not the most humane. Understandably that's probably why it's opposed by liberals.
I like the second alternative. That would require the proclamation of the Gospel and lots of prayer. And it would require repentance on the part of people who, in the case of Syria, are not going to repent and see the truth. But, in reality, it is the "Christian" way.
The third alternative is the most rational alternative. At the risk of being labeled "imperialistic" and the "cause of all problems in the world" the U.S, goes in and kills all those folks who make life miserable for those "fleeing" their homeland.
It seems that the politicians up to and including Mr. Obama have chosen the fourth alternative... that of homeostasis. It's the easiest alternative to implement and in the end it benefits only the fat cats at the top of governments. The middle class dies and only a vast "proletariat" remains.
In the case of what's going on now, 'though, we're seeing a Muslim twist to this fourth scenario in which the "proletariat" is being forced to "coexist" (seen that word on bumper stickers lately?) with a group of people having a world view filled with animus. Those who are aware of this reality are labeled as "intolerant" and "Nazis". They oppose multiculturalism. But multiculturalism will not work when it is integrated with what I like to call "multi-world-view-ism" particularly when the world views of the different cultures clash.
This, I believe, is what we're up against. And this, I believe, is all the more reason why we need to be looking to Jesus.

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