Friday, November 13, 2015

The Muslim Invasion of Europe as an Appeal to the "Virtue" of Multiculturalism

Europeans greet the new immigrants from south of the Mediterranean with open arms. "Welcome to your new home". And they welcome their own death. Their great declaration of what is virtuous in this day and age is multiculturalism. "If you can't accept this new influx of immigrants from another land, you are just like the Nazis of the 1930s". And so those who deem themselves righteous by virtue of their spirit of acceptance, condemn those who are "intolerant"... the Jews and the genuine Christians.

The Bible reminds us that "unless two are in agreement they cannot walk together."

Multiculturalism sounds fine but it must be accompanied by a unanimity, a singularity of world view. Without this singularity or agreement, there will invariably be conflict. And so, Europe greets it's new masters and it welcomes it's own demise. Islam and Judaism are incompatible. Islam and Christianity are incompatible. Islam and secularism are incompatible. Islam and atheism are incompatible. The wishes of those who put "tolerance" bumper stickers on their cars are vain. They are a reflection of a desire which is the product of wishful thinking which may seem idealistic but which, nevertheless, is untenable.

Multiculturalism plus multi-"worldview-ism" are a recipe for disaster! Multiculturalism in the light of a single uniting worldview can be a beautiful thing. In fact it is gloriously destined for the future. But which worldview is the right one? Shall we just cast lots? Shall we close our eyes and point our finger? It seems that the politicians of the world are making the decisions for the people of the world on the behalf of the masses. They are like the "blind leading the blind" and, as Jesus put it, "they will both fall into the pit".

Ought this uniting worldview be Islam? Without venturing into the theological aspects of the debate, as Jesus put it, "you shall know them by their fruits". I suppose that Islam is fine if Parents don't mind their daughters getting raped and turned into sex objects without privilege or dignity. Remember? "You shall know them by their fruit?.

Back in the garden after the man sinned, he placed the woman between himself and God and used her as a shield, metaphorically, to protect himself from the wrath of God. He said to God "This woman which you have given to me gave the fruit to me to eat". Rather than being her protector he used her." Islam condones that attitude... the fallen attitude of fallen man. The man's unbridled lust is blamed on the woman who allows her ankles to be seen. "She should have been accompanied by a man. Otherwise she's fair game and it's all her fault". God knows who's fault it is and all the pleadings by men of their innocence will be of no avail before the one who knows all and knows the heart of man.

Jesus forgives. Islam condemns. Jesus demands that dignity be given to the woman. Islam requires nothing from the man but self indulgence and the subsequent subjugation of your daughter.
It is Jesus, the Messiah of the Jews, who will provide the "one uniting worldview" around which multiculturalism can succeed.

This invasion of Europe is like an experiment which was released into the world without first having been tested in a laboratory. It will set the whole world ablaze! And yet I look beyond this grand experiment which is doomed to failure. I look to the time of which Isaiah wrote in his second chapter:
"It shall come to pass in the end of days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it. And many peoples (multiculturalism) shall go and say "Come let us to go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob for He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His paths, for out of Zion shall go forth the Law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

All of human history has been marked by the existence of nations each possessing its own culture and it's own form of governance (constitution as it were). Never has human history ever experienced a time when all the nations have one constitution in common. That day shall come just as Isaiah foretold. And the constitution will have been written by the one who knows best about human nature and therefore governance of humans because He manifested Himself to the world as the perfect human. But until then, the world must endure this experiment that we're seeing in Europe in the present, which will probably get even worse in the near future, and which is doomed to failure from the start. The world travails like a woman in labor.

In the meantime we have the blessed hope in the midst of all of this, that, Jesus is coming back to usher in a time of not just peace but joy unimaginable because this joy is beyond our present realm of experience. And this future is available to anyone who genuinely and humbly calls upon Jesus to make it available to him.

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